The Apologetics of Joy

A Case for the Existence of God from C.S. Lewis's Argument from Desire
Lutterworth Press
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Among all the arguments for the existence of God there may be none more personal and intimate than C.S. Lewis's Argument from Desire. This book attempts to explain what the Argument from Desire is and why we believe that the argument is an inductively strong one. In the spirit of C.S. Lewis, Augustine, and Pascal, this book invites both the head and the heart of the reader to consider the case for God's existence. While many arguments look out to the external world for evidence of God's existence, this book calls the reader to look inward to the human heart. While learning from classical thinkers (particularly C.S. Lewis) The Apologetics of Joy will bring both intuition and experience together to demonstrate the truth of divine presence in the world. The reader will walk away with either a newfound faith or a reinforced conviction that has a strong intellectual and experiential dimension.
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Joe Puckett Jr. (MLitt, Faulkner University) is pulpit minister for the 16th Ave. Church of Christ in Sterling, Illinois. He is currently working toward his PhD in Humanities from Salve Regina University in the area of the philosophy of mind.
Foreword Preface Introduction Part 1 C.S. Lewis and the Argument from Desire 1 The Argument as Presented in Selected Works of C.S. Lewis 2 Defining Joy as Sehnsucht 3 Plantinga and Lewis: Balancing the Mystical and the Natural in Sehnsucht 4 A Word on the Different Forms that the Argument Can Take Part 2 Examining Beversluis's Objections to the Argument 5 Does Lewis Beg the Question? 6 Does the Quality of Sehnsucht Lack Innateness? 7 If Joy Is So Natural and Desirable Then Why Did Lewis Run Away from It? 8 Does the Concept of Sehnsucht Contradict the Bible? 9 Why Do Some People Never Experience what C.S. Lewis Calls Joy? Part 3 Haunted by Desire 10 Echoes and Evidences of the Second Premise 11 Imagination and the Heart's Deep Need for a Happy Ending 12 In the Defense of Beauty 13 Lewis, Leisure, and Sehnsucht Part 4 Concerning the Conclusion of the Argument from Desire 14 The Evolutionary Objection 15 Is there a Human Gene for Sehnsucht? Conclusion Appendix: The End of Human Desire Bibliography Subject/Name Index
"Among the various arguments for the existence of God through the centuries, perhaps the most neglected and unknown is the argument from human desire. ... Puckett presents the salient elements of the argument and engages the key contributors and critics. He does so with a fervency and deftness that serves to re-present this important argument for the existence of God to our age."
Michael R. Young, co-editor of The Journal of Faith and the Academy

"C.S. Lewis ... argues that the best explanation for the human experience of joy and the accompanying longing for the transcendent and permanent is found in the Judeo-Christian creation narrative. ... Until now, Lewis's interesting argument has largely been neglected by apologists making a case for Christian theism. But I believe the argument from desire has a rightful place within a comprehensive, cumulative-case argument for theism, and I am delighted that Joe Puckett's The Apologetics of Joy fills this gap by developing the argument and defending it against its detractors. The Apologetics of Joy is, to my knowledge, the first book-length treatment on Lewis's argument, and I am happy to commend it to its readers."
Mark Linville, co-author and co-editor of Philosophy and the Christian Worldview

"This is a unique piece of scholarship, the only book I know of that is wholly devoted to the most interesting argument in the world. It's clear and persuasive, and I strongly recommend it."
Peter Kreeft, author of Heaven: The Heart's Deepest Longing

"An enjoyable read that is suitable for anyone interested in learning a bit more about this specific aspect of Lewis' apologetics".
Kris Hiuser, University of Chester, Theological Book Review (tbr), Vol. 25, No.2, 2013

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