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The Lucky Hermit Crab and Her Swirly New Shell

Janice S C Petrie(Autor*in)
Seatales Publishing Company
Erschienen am 8. August 2022
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978-1-7330517-5-0 (ISBN)
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A hermit crab has outgrown her perfect, swirly new shell. A hungry octopus is interested. Will the hermit crab be willing to swap her favorite shell for a bigger, safer, one before it's too late? Come along on this rhyming, hermit crab adventure! This is Petrie's fourth illustrated children's book in her Seatales Sea Animal series. Her other books include The Bumpy, Lumpy Horseshoe Crab, Did You Make the Hole in the Shell in the Sea?, and Something's Tugging on My Claw! Each book in this series is a rhyming adventure, with brightly colored illustrations that bring to life authentic tales of what really happens at the edge of the sea. Petrie's books are perfect for ages three through ten, but most adults are surprised at how much they learn from reading these stories, too! About the Author: Janice S. C. Petrie has been enchanted by the sea for as long as she can remember. She became a certified SCUBA diver while in high school and spent many years exploring coastal waters. Her fascination with marine invertebrates grew while working for the New England Aquarium as an outreach specialist. Since then, she has spent years caring for coastal marine animals and providing hands-on experiences to children in schools throughout the United States. Petrie holds a B.S. and M.Ed. with a specialty in reading, and a B.A. in Art with a concentration in graphic design.
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