Empath's Survival Guide

Boost to Your Spiritual Growth With Meditation and Emotional Intelligence Techniques for Your Social Life (The Complete Healing Guide for Highly Sensitive People)
Kevin Dennis (Verlag)
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978-1-989920-58-9 (ISBN)
If you are an empath, however, you do not have to live this way. You can learn to master your gift and take back your control, and this book will teach you how. Through plenty of information about the empath in different life situations, you will learn what to expect and how to handle life as an empath. It can be quite particular compared to life in many other contexts, and because of that, you may find that it is a struggle. However, if you pick up this book today, you can learn all about overcoming those struggles and making your gift work for you.

In this book you will learn:

Feel drained after hanging out with others because you absorb energy; positive or negative
Find public places overwhelming
Always want to help others even at your own expense
Find yourself experiencing other people's emotions
You are easily influenced by people's sufferings
Feel very tired in the evening even when you have not done much
An empath should learn to heal self first before healing others and stop being an emotional sponge. An empath should cut connections from all negative thought forms and be in the presence of like-minded, uplifting, positive people. Also, learn to meditate and control your mind and body. Another suggestive method is a sea salt bath and use of protective stones.

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