Empath Healing Guide

A Guide to Overcoming Fear, Anxiety, Narcissists, and Energy Vampires (Self-discovery Journey for Sensitive People to Gain Control Over Emotions, Overcome Negative Mindsets)
Kevin Dennis (Verlag)
  • erschienen am 17. Mai 2020
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978-1-989920-50-3 (ISBN)
See, your empathic nature doesn't have to be a burden, indeed it is this very gift that is much needed in today's World, and by understanding the tapestry of human emotions and trigger points you will be much more able to discern and make stronger decisions.In this book you will learn the following.Elements of emotional intelligence.What role does empathy play in emotional intelligence.Empathy and communication.Male and female emotions.Understanding the emotions of others.How to heal and grow emotionally.Character profiling.Developing self-leadership.

Empaths possess the rare ability to share the emotions and physical sensations of others as though they were their own. While empathic power is a true gift, it can often feel like something of a curse, as empaths often experience a great deal of pain that shouldn't be their responsibility to carry. As such, some empaths choose to shut out or repress, their gift of sensitivity, numbing themselves to emotional wounds, self-isolating, and detaching from their natural instincts.

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