Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology

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This fully revised edition of Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology covers the rapid advances in the science of agglomeration, process control, process modelling, scale-up, emerging particle engineering technologies, along with current regulatory changes presented by some of the prominent scientist and subject matter experts around the globe. Learn from more than 50 global subject matter experts who share their years of experience in areas ranging from drug delivery and pharmaceutical technology to advances in nanotechnology. Every pharmaceutical scientist should own a copy of this fourth edition resource.
Key Features:

Theoretical discussions covering granulation and engineering perspectives.
Covers new advances in expert systems, process modelling and bioavailability
Chapters on emerging technologies in particle engineering
Updated Current research and developments in granulation technologies
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Dilip M. Parikh is President, DPharma Group Inc., Ellicott City, Maryland, USA. As a Chemical and pharmaceutical engineer, he has more than 45 years of experience in product developments and manufacturing, process engineering, operational management of various pharmaceutical facilities in Canada and the USA. He is an invited speaker globally on various solid dosage manufacturing technologies and troubleshooting, process optimization strategies, regulatory remediation, and PAT & QbD implementation strategies. The author of many scientific journal articles, book chapters, and the editor of first, the second and third edition of Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology.
About the Editor
List of Contributors
Chapter 1 Introduction, Dilip M. Parikh
Chapter 2 Theory of Granulation: An Engineering Perspective, Bryan J. Ennis, Michael Winn, Brandon Ennis, Naseem Jibrin
Chapter 3 Drug Substance and Excipient Characterization, Parind M. Desai, Lai Wah Chan, Paul Wan Sia Heng
Chapter 4 Binders in Pharmaceutical Granulation, Thomas Durig, Kapish Karan
Chapter 5 Excipients and their Attributes in Granulation, Anthony E. Carpanzano
Chapter 6 Spray Drying and Pharmaceutical Applications, Metin Celik, Pavan Muttil, Gulsilan Binzet and Susan C. Wendell
Chapter 7 Emerging Technologies for Particle Engineering, Dilip M. Parikh
Chapter 8 Roller Compaction Technology, Ronald Miller, Vishwas Nesarikar
Chapter 9 Advances in Wet Granulation of Modern Drugs, Bing Xun TAN, Wen Chin FOO, Keat Theng CHOW, Rajeev GOKHALE
Chapter 10 Fluid Bed Processing, Dilip M. Parikh
Chapter 11 Single Pot Processing, Griet Van Vaerenbergh, Harald Stahl
Chapter 12 Extrusion/Spheronization as a Granulation Technique, David F. Erkoboni
Chapter 13 Continuous Granulation, Chris Vervaet, Thomas De Beer, Valerie Vanhoorne
Chapter 14 Effervescent Granulation, Guia Bertuzzi
Chapter 15 Granulation of Plant Products and Nutraceuticals, Dilip M. Parikh
Chapter 16 Granulation Approaches for Modified Release Products, Neelima Phadnis, Sree Nadkarni
Chapter 17 Granulation of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs, Albert W. Brzeczko, Firas El Saleh, Hibreniguss Terefe
Chapter 18 Granulation and Production Approaches of Orally Disintegrating Tablets, Tansel COMOGLU, Fatemeh BAHADORI
Chapter 19 Melt Granulation, Shana Van de Steene, Valérie Vanhoorne, Chris Vervaet, Thomas De Beer
Chapter 20 Sizing of Granulation, Gurvinder Singh Rekhi, Richard Sidwell
Chapter 21 Granulation Characterization, Cecil W. Propst
Chapter 22 Bioavailability and Granule Properties, Sunil S. Jambhekar
Chapter 23 Granulation Process Modeling, Ian T. Cameron, Fu Y. Wang
Chapter 24 Scale-Up Considerations in Granulation, Yinghe He, Lian X. Liu, James Lister, Defne Kayrak-Talak
Chapter 25 Advances in Process Controls and End-Point Determination, Kevin A. Macias, M. Teresa Carvajal
Chapter 26 Use of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in Pharmaceutical Applications, Metin Çelik
Chapter 27 Regulatory Issues in Granulation: Leading Next Generation Manufacturing, Prasad Kanneganti
Chapter 28 QbD and PAT in Granulation, Shivang Chaudhary

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