Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 2

Proceedings of the 37th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics 2019
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Dynamics of Civil Structures, Volume 2: Proceedings of the 37th IMAC, A Conference and Exposition on Structural Dynamics, 2019, the second volume of eight from the Conference brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on fundamental and applied aspects of the Dynamics of Civil Structures, including papers on:

Structural Vibration

Humans & Structures

Innovative Measurement for Structural Applications

Smart Structures and Automation

Modal Identification of Structural Systems

Bridges and Novel Vibration Analysis

Sensors and Control
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1. Improving an Experimental Test Bed with Time-varying Parameters for Developing High-rate Structural Health Monitoring Methods.- 2. Application of Electro-active Materials Toward Health Monitoring of Structures: Electrical Properties of Smart Aggregates.- 3. Output-Only Estimation of Amplitude Dependent Friction-Induced Damping.- 4. Modeling Human-structure Interaction using Control Models When Bobbing on a Flexible Structure.- 5. Identification and Monitoring of the Material Properties of a Complex Shaped Part using a FEMU-3DVF Method: Application to Wooden Rhombicuboctahedron.- 6. Modal Tracking on a Building with a Reduced Number of Sensors System.- 7. Bayesian Damage Identification using Strain Data From Lock Gates.- 8. Dynamic Tests and Technical Monitoring of a Novel Sandwich Footbridge.- 9. Assessment and Control of Structural Vibration in Gyms and Sports Facilities.- 10. A Large Scale SHM System: A Case Study on Pre-stressed Bridge and Cloud Architecture.- 11. Vibration Serviceability Performance of an as-Built Floor under Crowd Pedestrian Walking.- 12. Identifying Traffic-induced Vibrations of a Suspension Bridge: A Modelling Approach Based on Full Scale Data..- 13. Floor Vibrations and Elevated Non-structural Masess.- 14. Vibration Performance of a Lightweight FRP Footbridge under Human Dynamic Excitation.- 15. A Study of Suspension Bridge Vibrations Induced by Heavy Vehicles.- 16. Design and Performance of a Bespoke Lively All-FRP Footbridge.- 17. Convolutional Neural Networks for Real-time and Wireless Damage Detection.- 18. The Influence of Truck characteristics on the Vibration Response of a Bridge.- 19. Experimental Evaluation of Low-Cost Accelerometers for Dynamic Characterization of Bridges.- 20. Theoretical and Experimental Verifications of Bridge Frequency using Indirect Method.- 21. A Bayesian Inversion Approach for Site Characterization Using Surface Wave Measurements.- 22. Estimating Fatigue in the Main Bearings of Wind Turbines Using Experimental Data.- 23. Cointegration for Detecting Structural Blade Damage in an Operating Wind Turbine: An Experimental Study.- 24. System Identification of a Five-story Building using Seismic Strong-motion Data.- 25. Structural Property Guided Gait Parameter Estimation Using Footstep-Induced Floor Vibrations.- 26. Why is my Coffee Cup Rattling: A Reassessment of the Office Vibration Criterion.- 27. Response of a SDOF System with an Inerter-based Tuned Mass Damper Subjected to Non-stationary Random Excitation.- 28. Experimental Study on Digital Image Correlation for Deep Learning-Based Damage Diagnostic.- 29. Dynamic Response of the Suspended on a Single Cable Footbridge.- 30. Event Detection and Localization Using Machine Learning on a Staircase.- 31. Footbridge Vibrations and their Sensitivity to Pedestrian Load Modelling.- 32. Recreating Periodic Events: Characterizing Footsteps in a Continuous Walking Signal.- 33. On Wave Propagation in Smart Buildings.- 34. Parameter Study of Statistics of Modal Parameter Estimates Using Automated Operational Modal Analysis.- 35. Dynamic Bridge Foundation Identification.- 36. Damping Ratios of Reinforced Concrete Structures under Actual Ground Motion Excitations.- 37. Launching Semi-Automated Modal Identification of the Port Mann Bridge.

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