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Behavioural Phenotypes

Gregory O'BrienWilliam Yule(Herausgeber*in)
Mac Keith Press
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Increasing interest over recent years in the study of the influences of environment and genetic factors on behavioural disorder has come from a wide range of disciplines. These studies have subsequently been focused through the foundation of the Society for the Study of Behavioural Phenotypes which forms the basis for assimilating new information and coordinating future research in this field. This timely volume from founder members of the society represents the culmination of the advances in the field to date. It presents a distillation of current thinking and reviews appropriate measurement schedules. Including research findings to date, explanation of concepts, new genetic scientific techniques and methodological issues, this work will be welcomed by those with an interest in behavioural disorder at every level.
'This textbook is the first designed specifically to address this topic ... this is an important work which is a valuable step in promoting the concept of the behavioural phenotypes to a wider audience. I would strongly recommend it to clinicians working in the field of learning disability and those with an interest in the genetic basis of behaviour.' Michael Kerr, British Journal of Psychiatry ' ... a good introduction for anyone contemplating research in this rapidly developing area'. Jane Bernal, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry ' ... it will be of value to professionals from both mental health and paediatric backgrounds who are working in the field of learning disability. This is a developing and controversial area and I hope this book will promote the concept of behavioural phenotypes to a wider audience'. Alison Wood, Archives of Disease in Childhood ' ... recommend this book to clinicians and to those interested in research into behavioural phenotypes who require an overview of an introduction to the subject'. Psychiatric Medicine
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Part I. Why Behavioural Phenotypes? 1. Introduction W. Yule and G. O'Brien; Part II. The Study of Behavioural Phenotypes: 2. The new genetics S.-J. Richards; 3. Methodological issues in behavioural phenotypy W. Yule and G. O'Brien; 4. Measurement of behaviour G. O'Brien; 5. Lessons from the study of self-injurious behaviour C. Oliver; 6. Lessons from Fragile X Syndrome R. Hagerman; Part III. Future Prospects: 7. Genotype to phenotype J. Flint; Part IV. Summary Research Findings in Behavioural Phenotypes: 8. Summary M. Bax, J. Dennis and O. Udwin.