Proofs Without Words

Exercises in Visual Thinking
American Mathematical Society (Verlag)
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Proofs without words are generally pictures or diagrams that help the reader see why a particular mathematical statement may be true, and how one could begin to go about proving it. While in some proofs without words an equation or two may appear to help guide that process, the emphasis is clearly on providing visual clues to stimulate mathematical thought.

The proofs in this collection are arranged by topic into five chapters: Geometry and algebra; Trigonometry, calculus and analytic geometry; Inequalities; Integer sums; and Sequences and series. Teachers will find that many of the proofs in this collection are well suited for classroom discussion and for helping students to think visually in mathematics.
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978-1-4704-5186-8 (9781470451868)

By acquiring a knack for explaining in words what they already understand, students will be better prepared to seek their own explanations...The book offers models of the sort of visual thinking that is often woefully neglected in the classroom."" - Choice
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