A Guide to the Methodology of the National Research Council Assessment of Doctorate Programs

National Academies Press
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A Guide to the Methodology of the National Research Council Assessment of the Doctorate Programs describes the purpose, data and methods used to calculate ranges or rankings for research-doctorate programs that participated in the NRC Assessment of Research-Doctorate programs. It is intended for those at universities who will have to explain the NRC Assessment to others at their university, to potential students, and to the press. Although the main text is fairly non-technical, it includes a technical description of the statistical methods used to derive rankings of over 5000 doctoral programs in 61 fields.
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978-0-309-13955-7 (9780309139557)

1 Front Matter; 2 1 Introduction; 3 2 The Data and How They Were Obtained; 4 3 Ratings in Specific Dimensions: The Dimensional Measures; 5 4 The Overall Rating of Program Quality; 6 5 An Example; 7 APPENDIX A A Technical Discussion of the Process of Rating and Ranking Programs in a Field; 8 APPENDIX B Questionnaires; 9 APPENDIX C Number of Programs by Field; 10 APPENDIX D Institutions and Programs in a Field; 11 APPENDIX E List of Variables; 12 APPENDIX F Weights and Variables for the Dimensional Measures; 13 APPENDIX G Dimensional Ranges of Rankings for Programs in Economics and the Overall Ranges; 14 APPENDIX H Number of Ratings for Programs in Each Field; 15 APPENDIX I Committee Biographies

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