Queering Law and Order: Lgbtq Communities and the Criminal Justice System

LGBTQ Communities and the Criminal Justice System
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Throughout U.S. history, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people have been pathologized, victimized, and criminalized. Reports of lynching, burning, or murdering of LGBTQ people has been documented for centuries Prior to the 1970s, LGBTQ people were deemed as having psychological disorders and subsequently subject to electroshock therapy and other ineffective and cruel treatments. LGBTQ people have historically been arrested or imprisoned for crimes like sodomy, cross-dressing, and gathering in public spaces. And while there have been many strides to advocate for LGBTQ rights in contemporary times, there are still many ways that the criminal justice system works against LGBTQ and their lives, liberties, and freedoms.

Queering Law and Order: LGBTQ Communities and Fight for Justice examines the state of LGBTQ people within the criminal justice system. Intertwining legal cases, academic research, and popular media, the author reviews a wide range of issues - ranging from historical heterosexist and transphobic legislation to police brutality to the prison industrial complex to family law. Grounded in Queer Theory and intersectional lenses, each chapter provides recommendations for queering and disrupting the justice system. The book serves as both an academic resource and a call to action for readers who are interested in advocating for LGBTQ rights.
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978-1-7936-0106-3 (9781793601063)
Kevin Leo Yabut Nadal is professor of psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and The Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY).

PrefaceIntroductionChapter 1: History of LGBTQ People and the LawChapter 2: Finding our Pulse: Hate Crimes, Historical Trauma, and InjusticeChapter 3: Not Protected, Not Served: LGBTQ People and Law Enforcement

Chapter 4: Gender and Sexuality on Trial: LGBTQ People and the Courts

Chapter 5: Locked up in a Binary: LGBTQ People and Incarceration

Chapter 6: The Workplace Closet: LGBTQ People and Workplace Discrimination

Chapter 7: Queer, but Not TransParent: LGBTQ People, Family Law, and Child Welfare

Chapter 8: Over the Rainbow and Across the Border: LGBTQ People and Immigration

Chapter 9: The Queer Criminal Mind: LGBTQ People and Forensic Psychology




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