Handbook of Ecosystem Theories and Management

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As part of the Environmental and Ecological Modeling Handbooks series, the"Handbook of Ecosystems" provides a comprehensive overview of ecosystem theory and the tools - ecological engineering, ecological modeling, ecotoxicology and ecological economics - to manage these systems. The book is laid out to provide a summary or survey of each topic, using many tables and figures. Concepts, definitions, important findings, basic hypotheses, important correlations between theories and observation with illustrative graphs are included. The comprehensive treatment of ecosystem theory and application of theoretical tools, and the integration of classical theory and real world examples, sets this book apart. It covers newly emerging topical areas as well as nontraditional topical areas (i.e. chaos) that will interest professionals trained in previous decades and enlighten those now entering into formal training. The general approach taken by the authors makes this an essential reference and handbook for professionals and students. TOC:Introduction: Development of Systems Ecology. Application of Thermodynamics in Ecosystem Theories. The Four Laws of Thermodynamics Applied on Ecosystems. Emergent Properties of Ecosystems. Hierarchy Theory in Ecology. Information Measures in Ecology. Network Theory, Utility Theory and Indirect Effect. Network Theory and Ascendancy. Ecological Attributes. Cybernetics Applied in Ecology. Catastrophe Theory Applied to Ecology. Chaos Theory Applied to Ecology. Modeling as a Tool in Ecosystems. Stability of Ecological Systems. Ecological Indicators and Ecosystem Health. Application of Ecological Engineering as a Tool in Ecosystem Management Research on the Ecosystem Level. Ecological Economics as a Tool in Ecosystem Management. Ecotoxicity and Ecosystem Theory. Development of Ecosystems. Climate and Ecosystems. Conclusions: The State of the Art of Ecosystem Theory and Management. Index.
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Fundamentals and Empirical Foundations
Ecosystems as Complex Systems, S.E. Jørgensen and F. Müller
Ecosystem Structure, F. Galley
Ecosystems as Functional Entities, F. Müller and W. Windhorst
Uncertainty in Ecology and Ecological Modeling, B. Breckling and Q. Dong
Fundamentals of Ecosystem Theory from General Systems Analysis, A. Gnauck
Ecosystem Research, O. Fränzle
Ecological Modeling: Systems Analysis and Simulation, W. Grant, E.K. Pedersen, and S.L. Marin
Different Approaches in Recent Ecosystem Theory
A General Outline of Thermodynamic Approached to Ecosystem Theory, S.E. Jørgensen
Ecosystems as Self-Organizing Holarchic Open Systems: Narratives and the Second Law of Thermodynamics, J.Kay
The Tentative Fourth Law of Thermodynamics, S.E. Jørgensen
Ecosystems as Subjects of Self-Organizing Processes, F. Müller and S.N. Nielsen
Emergent Properties of Ecosystems, S.N. Nielsen and F. Müller
Ecosystems as Information Systems, S.N. Nielsen
Ecosystems as Cybernetic Systems, S.E. Jørgensen and M. Straskraba
Ecosystems as Hierarchical Systems, S.Hári and F. Müller
Ecosystems as Energetic Systems, H.T. Odum, M.T. Brown, and S. Ulgiati
Ascendancy: A Measure of Ecosystem Performance, R.E. Ulanowicz
Ecosystems as Dynamic Networks, C. Pahl-Wostl
Ecosystem Theory: Network Environ Analysis, B.D. Fath and B.C. Patten
Stability Concepts in Ecology, Y. Svirezhev
Resilience in Ecological Systems, L.H. Gunderson, C.S. Holling, and G.D. Peterson
Continuity and Discontinuity in Ecological Systems, G. Bendoricchio
Ecosystems as Chaotic Systems, S.E. Jørgensen
Ecosystems as States of Ecological Successions, K. Dierssen
Ecosystems on the Landscape: The Role of Space in Ecosystem Theory, R.V. O'Neill
Towards a Unifying Theory, S.E. Jørgensen and F. Müller
Application of Ecosystem Theoretical Aspects
Conservation Biology, K. Dierssen
Applications of Ecological Theory and Modeling to Assess Ecosystem Health, D. Rapport and R. Moll
Hedging Our Bets: The Utility of Ecological Integrity, J. Barkmann and W. Windhorst
Sustainability: Application of Systems Theoretical Aspects to Societal Development, H. Bossel
Ecological Engineering, S.E. Jørgensen and W. Mitsch
Ecosystems and Economic Theories in Ecological Economics, R. Costanza, C. Cleveland, and C. Perrings
Ecological Orientors: A Path to Environmental Applications of Ecosystem Theories, F. Müller and S.E. Jørgensen
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