Stickeen - Legacy Edition

A Story About A Dog And A Glacier In Alaska
Doublebit Press
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978-1-64389-109-5 (ISBN)
John Muir's Story about a Dog and Glacier Exploration in Alaska
This deluxe, unabridged reprint Legacy Edition of John Muir's 1909 book-form version of Stickeen (first published in magazine form in 1897) recounts John Muir's befriending of a dog during his Alaskan adventures with mountains, glaciers, and the frozen tundra of the far northwest. In this heartwarming story, Muir shares his admiration for a tiny dog who braves the expedition as strong as any of the humans on the trek! Through his illustrative prose, Muir shares how an animal friend can make all the difference in the wilderness.
This classic dog story is one of the best-known and finest memoir of dogs and pets in American literature history, especially for those who love to take their dogs camping and hiking!
During his time in Alaska, Muir met a little black dog at one of his camps. Thinking the dog a shaggy toy of a creature, Muir was uncertain about letting him join the trek. Learning that the dog had received the name "Stickeen" after the local Indian tribe, Muir realized that his affection for the dog grew as the days went by.
Much different than his other travel writings, see another side of Muir as he describes his pup friend and how the dog fared during his wilderness trip from Fort Wrangel to study the stretches of the great Alaskan glaciers.
This book makes a perfect gift for adventurers at heart, including enthusiasts of exploration backpacking, camping, and nature lore who want to reflect on the history of the American and Canadian Far Northwest. Also great for dog and pet lovers, and outdoorsers who love to take dogs camping and hiking!
A part of the Doublebit John Muir Collection: Volume 10
This Doublebit Legacy Edition reprint of Stickeen is professionally restored and presented from the original source with the highest degree of fidelity possible, including inspiration from the original first-edition cover. Available in both paperback and hardcover, readers can enjoy this Legacy Edition for generations and learn from its timeless knowledge for years to come.
About the Doublebit Press Library of Legacy Edition Reprints
Sometimes we need to remember our history to move forward. Sometimes, remembering our heritage is just fun or inspirational. With technology playing a major role in everyday life, sometimes we need to take a step back in time to find those basic building blocks used for gaining mastery - the things that we have luckily not completely lost and has been recorded in books over the last two centuries. These skills aren't forgotten, they've just been shelved. It's time to unshelve them once again and reclaim the lost knowledge of self-sufficiency!
As a part of the Doublebit John Muir Collection, this unabridged Legacy Edition volume is reprinted in the exact form as it was presented in the original publication. Both important and minor details have equally both been accounted for by our publishing staff, down to the cover, font, layout, and images. It is the goal of Doublebit Legacy Edition series to preserve outdoors heritage, but also be cherished as collectible pieces, worthy of collection in any outdoorsperson's library and that can be passed to future generations.
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978-1-64389-109-5 (9781643891095)

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