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"No interruptions please," as you read about the CIA smuggling U.S. Bobsled coach, Shawn Murphy back into the Soviet Union to retrieve documents containing technology that would give Americans superior naval power. Experience thrills, chills and romance as a risky mission turns into a disaster after Murphy locates the documents but is double-crossed and becomes stranded behind the Iron Curtain with no clear plan to escape. Other twists to this fast-paced novel takes the reader from Lake Placid, New York to Langley, Virginia to Leningrad, USSR as the FBI and CIA attempt to dissolve the Mafia's connection to the Olympic sport of bobsled. It provides an astonishing connection to the sport that was hard to believe and nearly bankrupted the Bobsled organization. The CIA has a serious predicament. They can't let the Soviets capture Murphy and get the technology, but... could they afford to take a chance on another international incident? Time was evaporating. A life or death decision had to be made without permission from the proper authorities! A sequel to his first fast-pace novel, "Ice Spy," turned the turmoil surrounding the U.S. Bobsled Federation into shocking international intrigue. Associated Press reporter Chris Carola didn't know how prophetic he was when he wrote in a 1990 wire story... "The words are straight out of a spy novel: disinformation, Swiss bank accounts, rendezvous with the Russians, cash transactions that can't be traced... dangerous international activity where one wrong move can spell disaster - or death." He was referring to the turmoil surrounding the U.S. Bobsled Federation and he hit the target... dead on. Just when you think the mission has a sound plan and its presumed what comes next... another twist exposes a double agent. This action attempts to foul the plan's success. Experience thrills and chills from start to finish!
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978-1-7346083-1-1 (9781734608311)
Norman L. Miller has a unique skill that allows him to write fast-pace novels that awakens the reader's ability to visualize exceptional scenes and encourages them to continue turning the page to see what happens next! Miller is a former bobsled athlete who was certified as an International Olympic Bobsled coach. He was a member of the coaching staff at the Olympic Trials in Winterberg, Germany and at the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, in 1988. His first novel, "IceSpy" involved military/sport's intrigue between the United States and the former Soviet Union during the Cold War. He produced "Against the Edge," a 30-minute television special on World Cup Bobsled competition that aired on NBC and a 30-minute cable documentary on the history of Leningrad in the former Soviet Union. Miller is retired from the U.S. Air Force with 33 years' experience. He was assigned to Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, D. C. and managed a successful national physician recruiting program for the Air National Guard during his last military assignment. He retired as a management consultant working with CEO's and executives on how to improve leadership, communication and management skills.

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