Cancer Genetics and Psychotherapy

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The aim of this book is to provide the readers with the most comprehensive and latest accounts of research and development in this field by emphasizing on the manner of relation between doctors and cancer patients in direction of improving the patients' style of life. This book, partly, will deal with psychotherapy by considering cancer patients, benefits, hazards and also social impacts including life style. The social supports as the key and influential paradigms will be challenged as a comparative insight by considering the global unity in order to provide a reasonable model to improve the interaction between cancer and psychological nest.

In this book, the real stories of cancer patient will be also provided.

The initial insight of sections includes:

1) Brief classifications and key points of clinical and histopatological aspects of each organ.

2) Brief view of genetic alterations in each organ.

3) Therapeutic aspects.

4) Brief classifications and key points of Psychology in cancer.

5) The interactions of clinical aspects with psychological field.

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Professor Parvin Mehdipour has mainly focused on Cancer Genetics by considering the multi-disciplinary manner in her academic and research life through 34 years in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She was inspired by puzzling the road maps of Genetic and tumor biology to find the directions and cross roads in cancer and cross-talk between the cancer cells. She had scientific links with DKFZ, Institutes of Human Genetics and Institute of Medical Genetics in Erlangen-Nuerenberg, Bonn, Humboldt/berlin, Dresden- and Manchester- University. She has initiated a cancer project on leukemia at Department of Genetics, Royal Liverpool hospital, University of Liverpool as her PhD thesis. Since then she was exploring on solid tumors to prove the cancer evolution and hypotheses in different cancers including breast and brain tumors and also tracing cancer biomarkers. Her aims and focal interests during last 20 years included early detection through Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in cancer journey and innovating modeling of the metastatic cancer. The final destination of her task is personalized cancer managements and drug innovation. Her interests include painting, writing and nutrigenomics.


Chapter 1

Psycho - Oncology: The Relationship Between Psychology, Personality and Cancer

Chapter 2

Psychotherapy in Cancer

Chapter 3

New Developments in Psycho-Oncology

Chapter 4

Psychiatric aspects of breast cancer: Emphasized on Psychiatric and surgical diagnosis and treatments

Chapter 5

Cancer Genetics at a glance: The comprehensive insights

Chapter 6

The Relevance of Genetic Factors in Tumor Therapy and the Underlying Pharmacogenetic Principles.

Chapter 7

Genetic counselling for cancer susceptibility.

Chapter 8

Cancer, Psychotherapy and the Airway

Chapter 9

Female Reproductive System and Cancer

Chapter 10

Cancers of the endocrine system

Chapter 11

A Comprehensive Look at Oromaxillofacial and Laryngopharyngeal Cancers

Chapter 12

Gastrointestinal cancers

Mohammad Amin Tabatabaiefar, Ph.D1, Abbas Moridnia, Ph.D2

Chapter 13

Genetic and cellular complexity of brain tumors

Chapter 14

Genetics, Hematologic and Psychological Aspects of Leukemia

Chapter 15

Cancer Stem Cell: from Conjecture to Reality

Chapter 16

Cancer Immunotherapy: Friends or foe of mental health?

Chapter 17

Challenges of {zur Hausen, 1973 #109}Endocrine Therapy in Breast Cancer

Chapter 18

Skin Cancer: Genetics, immunology, treatments, and psychological care

Chapter 19

Alternative or Complementary Medicine: History and Legacy

Chapter 20

Pharmacotherapy of cancer from the perspective of traditional Iranian medicine

Chapter 21

Nutrigenomics, Epigenetics and Pain in Cancer

Chapter 22

Metastatic breast cancer at a glance:

Scenarios of BC Brain- and BC Bone- metastasis by illustrations

Chapter 23

New three-dimensional NLS-bio- feedback bio-resonance approaches in site specific diagnosis of cancer

Chapter 24

Human cancer cell lines: potential to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of anticancer agents

Chapter 25

Biostatistics Methods in Cancer Research: Cluster analysis of gene expression data

Chapter 26

Horizon of Cancer Genetics and Psycho-Art


Cancer is the scandal magic event of Nature. Psycho-Oncogenetic is an insight for research, education, and translated cancer medicine that open a new window to patients, psychologists, surgeons, oncologists, haematologists, geneticists and scientists who are aimed to pave the ways towards an alternative management for cancer patients. Being cooperative, innovative, perceptive, and inspired are some essential characteristics for, participating in cancer translated research. Applicability of suggestive complementary insights including Pharmacogenomics (PG), Pharmacokinetics (PK), Pharmaco-Psycho-Somatic (PPS), Pharmaco-Psycho-Genomics (PPG), Pharmaco-Psycho-Kinetics (PPK), may facilitate the access of the Personalized Pharmaco-Therapy (PPT) as the reliable target-based strategy. So, by bridging Pharmacogenetics to Psycho-Genetics, the harmonized and multi- target-based insights would, gradually, facilitate to connect the initial station of cancer coach to the final station of cancer management, which is the appropriate individualized cancer therapy. In this regards, the global insight is required to be replaced by the personalized cascade management from A to Z.

It was my task and aim to consider a comprehensive manner in editing of this book. This endeavor was relied on the authors and co-authors who have, greatly, contributed to this package which will, hopefully, spread the provided basic and applicable scientific, and clinical messages to the audiences who play roles in the cancer world. The contents of this book include 26 chapters including basic Science/Genetics, psychology and clinical aspects in different tumors. The contents of this package may inspire a profounder concern of coordinated strategy in cancer research and cancer management. Besides, it may also provide some clues to positioning of puzzles for innovating the target-based cancer therapy. Let's move towards planning an appropriate social life style with an individualized diagnosis and management for cancer patients. By considering the global sharing, triggering the burdens is the key aim in cancer.

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