Church and Politics in a Secular Age

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This book arises from a general preoccupation with the relationship between religion and politics and from a particular interest in the changing political stance of England's established Church. With the aid of surveys, interviews, and documentary evidence the authors have assembled an uniquely detailed picture of how the Church governs itself, of its leaders' attitudes, and of the institution's consequent impact upon public debate. Equally, they scrutinize the structural and ideological factors which limit the Church's capacity for influencing public discussion. Recent and well publicized shifts in the Church's official positions are explained by reference to the complex interaction of long-term social, political, and theological developments. The result is a volume which not only adds to our understanding of a significant yet little-charted area of English political life, but which is also intended to enhance the Church's own self-understanding.
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978-0-19-826454-5 (9780198264545)
Part 1 The context: the historical background; the emergence of a secular society?; socio-economic and political changes; the crisis of identity. Part 2 The dramatis personae: bishops - patterns of style and recruitment; modern episcopal outlooks; patterns of representation 1 - from grass roots to candidates; patterns of representation 2 - from candidacy to General Synod membership; power and influence in the General Synod; general political and social outlooks; "the religious" and "the political" - an analysis. Part 3 Political outreach: the problems and dilemmas of Church leadership in the public domain; the Church and national public policy-making. Part 4 Conclusion: Church and politics in a secular age.
"Deserves very serious attention by anyone interested in synodical governance and church-state relations."--Critical Review"[The authors] exhibit the highest quality of contemporary social science research methodology as they present survey data, studies and attendant explanations to demonstrate the changes in the Anglican Church as it grapples with its own role in the context of crucial social changes in Britain and the evolving political role of the UK in the world."--Choice

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