Smart Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor

Learn to play with the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor kit and build creative robots
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Discover how to use the LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor kit and boost your confidence in robotics

Key Features

Gain confidence in building robots using creative designs
Learn advanced robotic features and find out how to integrate them to build a robot
Work with the block coding language used in robotics software in a practical way

Book DescriptionLEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor is the latest addition to the LEGO MINDSTORMS theme. It features unique designs that you can use to build robots, and also enable you to perform activities using the robot inventor application.

You'll begin by exploring the history of LEGO MINDSTORMS, and then delve into various elements of the Inventor kit. Moving on, you'll start working on different projects which will prepare you to build a variety of smart robots. The first robotic project involves designing a claw to grab objects, and helps you to explore how a smart robot is used in everyday life and in industry. The second project revolves around building a working guitar that can be played and modified to meet the needs of the user. As you advance, you'll explore the concept of biomimicry as you discover how to build a scorpion robot. In addition to this, you'll also work on a classic robotic challenge by building a sumobot. Throughout the book, you'll come across a variety of projects that will provide you with hands-on experience in building creative robots, such as building a Dragster, Egg Decorator, and Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants.

By the end of this LEGO book, you'll have got to grips with the concepts behind building a robot, and also found creative ways to integrate them using the application based on your creative insights and ideas.

What you will learn

Discover how the Robot Inventor kit works, and explore its parts and the elements inside them
Delve into the block coding language used to build robots
Find out how to create interactive robots with the help of sensors
Understand the importance of real-world robots in today's landscape
Recognize different ways to build new ideas based on existing solutions
Design basic to advanced level robots using the Robot Inventor kit

Who this book is forThis book is for robot enthusiasts, LEGO lovers, hobbyists, educators, students, and anyone looking to learn about the new LEGO Robot Inventor kit. This book is designed to go beyond the basic build through to intermediate and advanced builds, and enables you to add your personal flair to the builds and codes.
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978-1-80056-840-2 (9781800568402)

Aaron Maurer, also known as "Coffeechug" is the STEM lead for 21 school districts in Iowa helping to expand STEM, Computer Science, Makerspace, and Purposeful Play into classrooms K-12. Aaron is also a former FIRST LEGO League coach for 8 years with much success working with phenomenal kids.

He has a Master Educator License with endorsements in 5-12 Psychology - 163; 5-12 World History - 166; 5-12 American History - 158; 5-12 Computer Science - 278; PK-12 Talented and Gifted - 107; 5-8 Middle School Generalist - 182; and K-8 Computer Science - 277.

Currently, Aaron is a member of ISTE Making It Happen Award; Lego Education Ambassador and Master Educator; PBS Digital Innovator and All-Star; PITSCO Tag Committee; Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert; Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow; Global Learning Mentor (formerly Skype Master Teacher); Minecraft Global Mentor; and Makey Makey Ambassador.

Finally, Aaron was a finalist for the Iowa Teacher of the Year in 2014.
Table of Contents

History of Mindstorms
Getting Started with the Robot Inventor Kit
Building an Industrial Robot Claw
Building a LEGO Guitar
Building a Scorpion
Building a Solid Sumobot
Building a Dragster
Building an Egg and Ornament Decorator
Creating Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants - Part 1
Creating Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants - Part 2

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