Therapy Thieves: How to Save Mental Health Care from Its Providers

How to Save Mental Health Care from Its Providers
Oxford University Press Inc
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"Why are we - practicing counselors and psychotherapists - committed to failure?" This is the question that has haunted Dr. Francis Martin as he has cataloged well over 20,000 distinct psychotherapy approaches advertised on the websites of licensed mental health professionals. No doubt some of these are harmful, most of them ineffective, and many simply made-up but the sheer volume of such techniques and practices, advertised by licensed professionals holding advanced degrees whose services are billed to clients and insurance companies calls the credibility of the entire mental health profession into question. Based on significant, original research that joins research from others, this book describes a near-universal crisis in mental health care and recommends ways to rescue the field from itself. The crisis is caused by declining competence among counselors and psychotherapists who have failed to regulate themselves and who, therefore, deliver inadequate, if not harmful, services. The book calls for major, specific and urgently needed reforms.
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Francis A. Martin, PhD, is a Retired Professor and Adjunct Instructor in Counselor Education & Supervision at Lindsey Wilson College. He is the Director of The Center for Clinical Training, in Nashville, Tennessee and co-author of Clinical Supervision in the Real World.
Reading Therapy Thieves is an uncomfortable experience. Francis Martin documents a disturbing picture of current practices in counseling and psychotherapy-but uncomfortable truths may be needed to motivate us to examine policy that governs our profession as well as to examine our clinical work. It is time to reflect on our field and consider the actions offered in this sobering book."
-Bruce E. Wampold, Ph.D., ABPP, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin * Madison

* An enormously entertaining, engaging, and often sobering tour through the often wild and wacky world of contemporary psychotherapy. The author makes an eloquent and forceful case for the need to ground psychological treatment in more rigorous science. An essential read for psychotherapists, would-be psychotherapists, and mental health consumers."
-Scott O. Lilienfeld, Ph.D., Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor, Department of Psychology, Emory University; Past President, Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology; Editor, Clinical Psychological Science Warning label: If the truth about what is happening to our counseling profession is difficult for you to hear, do not read this book! Francis Martin has outlined in a stark, albeit humorous manner, the challenges confronting counselors and psychotherapists by asking a simple, thought-provoking question: "Why are counselors and psychotherapists committed to failure?" In splendid fashion, Martin calls out the intellectual laziness and ethics of professional colleagues
who sit back while other colleagues push empirically unsubstantiated, even bogus treatments, causing irreparable harm to the integrity and viability of our profession and our current and future professional practice! This is one timely, engaging book - and a wake-up call for a profession in need of
reform and professional advocacy!"
-Bradley T. Erford, Professor and Director Human Development Counseling Program and Peabody College at Vanderbilt University; 2012-2013 President of the American Counseling Association

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