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Richard F. Kahn

Collected Economic Essays
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This book brings together important essays by Richard F. Kahn, Keynes's pupil and literary executor and one of the most influential economists in the Cambridge tradition. The essays address issues, including imperfect competition, pricing mechanisms, inflation, unemployment, and the regulation of international trade and finance, that are highly relevant and topical They are addressed from a Keynesian perspective, with the interface between economic theory and policy explored. With the inclusion of a new introduction, the essays are placed in their own context and offer the key to understand their relevance for the present.

Richard F. Kahn: Collected Economic Essays is a fitting companion to the 1972 collection of essays, edited by Kahn himself. It will be of interest to scholars and students as a key to an outstanding economist and a great figure in the Keynesian tradition.

1st ed. 2022
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Richard F. Kahn was Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge. His work focused on Keynesian economics and he is best known for his work on the principle of the multiplier.

Maria Cristina Marcuzzo is Honorary Professor at La Sapienza University of Rome and a Fellow of the Italian Academy of the Lincei.

Paolo Paesani is Associate Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata where he teaches History of Economic Thought and Economic Policy.

1 Introduction.Part I Imperfect Competition.2 Imperfect Competition and the Marginal Principle.3 The Problem of Duopoly.4 Oxford Studies in the Price Mechanism.Part II Keynes.5 The Cambridge 'Circus'.6 Some Aspects of the Development of Keynes's Thought.7 'The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money'.Part III International Money and Trade.8 International Regulation of Trade and Exchanges.9 The International Monetary System.10 Historical Origins of the International Monetary Fund.Part IV Unemployment and Inflation.11 Unemployment as seen by the Keynesians.12 Thoughts on the Behaviour of Wages and Monetarism.13 Inflation-A Keynesian View.