Mild Head Injury

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Despite extensive documentation of post-concussion symptoms following apparently mild head injury, only in recent years has the full magnitude of the problem been appreciated. This book provides the first comprehensive discussion of recent advances in the understanding, treatment, and management of mild head injury. It covers strategies of neurosurgical management in adults and children, neuroimaging and neurophysiological methods of investigation, experimental
models, neurobehavioural outcome in adults and children, psychosocial function, sports injuries, and epidemiological aspects. Innovative programs to mitigate disability after mild head injury are reviewed by the physicians and psychologists who have developed these techniques. This thoroughly
interdisciplinary book will be of value to neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists.
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PART I: HISTORY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY: Arthur L. Benton: Historical notes on post-concussion; Jess F. Kraus & Parivash Nourjah: The epidemiology of mild head injury; Bryan Jennett: Some international comparisons; PART II: EXPERIMENTAL MODELS AND NEUROPATHOLOGY: John T. Povlishock & Thomas H. Coburn: Morphopathological change associated; Ronald L. Hayes, Bruce G. Lyeth, & Larry W. Jenkins: Neurochemical mechanisms of mild and moderate head injury; PART III:
CLINICAL MANAGEMENT, NEUROPHYSIOLOGY AND NEUROIMAGING: Ralph G. Dacey: Complications after apparently mild head injury and strategies of neurosurgical management; J.W. Snoek: Mild head injury in children; Howard M. Eisenberg & Harvey S. Levin: Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in patients with
mild to moderate head injury; Rudolf Schoenhuber & Massimo Gentilini: Neurophysiologic assessment of mild head injury; PART IV: NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL SEQUELAE: Dorothy Gronwall: Cumulative and persisting effects of concussion on attention and cognition; Massimo Gentilini, Paolo Nichelli, & Rudolf Schoenhuber: Assessment of attention in mild head injury; Ronald M. Ruff, Harvey S. Levin, Steven Mattis, Walter M. High, Jr., Lawrence F. Marshall, Howard M. Eisenberg, & Kamran Tabbador:
Recovery of memory after mild head injury; Harvey S. Levin, Linda Ewing-Cobbs, & Jack M. Fletcher: Neurobehavioural outcome of mild head injury in children; PART V: POST-CONCUSSION SYMPTONS: William H. Rutherford: Post-concussion symptons: Relationship to acute neurologic indices, individual differences and
circumstances of injury; S.S. Dikmen, Nancy Temkin, & Gay Armsden: Relationship of psychosocial functioning and post-concussional complaints to neuropsychological recovery; PART VI: DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION: Philip Wrightson: Management of disability and rehabilitation services after mild head injury; Jeffrey T. Barth, Wayne Alves, Thomas V. Ryan, Stephen N. Macciocchi, Rebecca Rimel, John A. Jane, & William Nelson: Mild head injury in sports: Neuropsychological sequelae and
recovery of function; Laurence F. Marshall & Ronald M. Ruff: Neurosurgeon as a victim; Wayne Alves: Facilitation of recovery by support, education and cognitive training.
`A most readable text that provides fascinating insights into many of the persisting puzzles of so-called minor or mild head injury. It brings together material from a wide range of sources in a compact form that is enjoyable.' Brain

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