Short Story Press Presents More Than My Memoir

Challenges of a Fiction Writer Being Overshadowed by Her Past Success
Hot Methods, Inc. (Verlag)
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More Than My Bestselling Memoir: Challenges of a Fiction Writer Being Overshadowed by the Success of Her Past Memoir tells the story of a young writer trying to write a second book after her first book was a runaway hit.
In this story, young adult, Marge, feels stifled and uninspired as her publishers' pressure her to find greatness yet again in her next story, but Marge is out of ideas. This is a story detailing the trials and tribulations of a writer. Most of all, it tells the story of a young woman learning that she is more than her memoir and all the gritty moments she lived through.
This is a story about:
• Life after the limelight and how fleeting popularity can be

• Self-reflection and identity

• Lots of writer's block

• Making ends meet in hard times

• The pressure of expectation

• Addiction, depression, and recovery

• Being stuck but desperately yearning for movement

• Finding inspiration in unusual places

• Feeling overshadowed by one's accomplishments

• Trying to survive in the world as a young woman

• Learning to love oneself regardless of professional achievement
More than My Bestselling Memoir is a story about creation and growth. Most prominently, it is about Marge embracing her reputation and not letting it control her future because while she can't unwrite her first book, she can write whatever she wants for book two.
About the Writer
Elise Lashinsky, a creative and idealistic individual, is an avid reader who loves to create worlds of her own, which she has been doing before she could even write. Throughout her childhood and into her adulthood, she has continuously nurtured her love of writing and storytelling throughout her endeavors.
She likes to practice writing of all kinds. For Elise, writing is an invaluable craft that helps her illustrate the aspects she loves (and hates) most about the world. She tries to write at least a little every day to develop her skills and relax.
Elise also has a profound love of other arts, such as music and ballet, which are other powerful methods of world-building and self-expression.

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