EU Environmental Law and Policy

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An accessible and comprehensive resource, this volume details the structure and logic of EU environmental law and enables readers to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the different areas of EU secondary law pertaining to the protection of the environment.
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978-0-19-875393-3 (9780198753933)
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David Langlet is Professor of Ocean Governance Law at the School of Business, Economics, and Law, University of Gothenburg. He was previously a Research Fellow at Christ Church College and the University of Oxford and a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law at the Faculty of Law Stockholm University. ; Said Mahmoudi is Professor of International Law at Stockholm University. He is also an arbitrator nominated by the Swedish Government according to Article 2 of Annex VII to the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. He formerly served as a diplomat at the Iranian Embassy in Stockholm and was Dean of the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University from 2009 to 2011. His main research areas include law of the sea, international environmental law, EU environmental law, and international organization.
1. The European Union; 1.1 Structure and Functioning of the European Union; 1.2 Origins and Development of the EU; 1.3 The Nature of the EU; 1.4 Institutional Structure; 1.5 EFTA and EEA; 1.6 Legal Sources of the EU; 1.7 Precedence and Direct Effect of EU Law; 1.8 Decision-Making Procedures; 2. Objectives, Principles, and Resources; 2.1 Environment Action Programmes; 2.2 Environmental Objectives and Policy; 2.3 Pertinent Principles; 2.4 Institutional Development; 2.5 Financial Instruments; 3. Free Movement of Goods and the Room for Member State Action; 3.1 Quantitative Restrictions and Measures having Equivalent Effect; 3.2 Legitimizing Trade Restrictive Reasures; 3.3 Notification of Technical Standards; 3.4 Environmental Taxes; 4. Division and Exercise of Competence; 4.1 Competences and Legal Bases; 4.2 Environmental Policy as Legal Basis; 4.3 The Internal Market as Legal Basis; 4.4 Other Legal Basis; 4.5 Choice of Legal Basis; 5. Supervision and Sanctions; 5.1 The Member States' Obligations; 5.2 Sanctions for Individuals; 5.3 Enforcement of EU Law; 5.4 Infringement Actions; 5.5 Annulment and Failure to Act; 5.6 Preliminary Rulings; 5.7 Access to Justice for Individuals; 6. Horizontal measures; 6.1 Eco-labeling; 6.2 Environmental Impact Assessment; 6.3 Prevention of Major Accidents; 6.4 The Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS); 6.5 Information, Participation, and Access to Justice; 6.6 Environmental liability; 7. Industrial Emissions; 7.1 The Integrated Emissions Directive (IED); 8. Air Quality and Noise; 8.1 National Emissions Ceilings; 8.2 Ambient Air Quality; 8.3 Ozone Depleting Substances; 8.4 Emissions from Specific Sources; 8.5 Noise; 9. Water; 9.1 The Water Framework Directive; 9.2 Other Legal Acts related to Water; 9.3 The Marine Strategy Framework Directive; 9.4 Pollution from Ships; 10. Climate and Energy; 10.1 Commitments, Distribution, and Monitoring; 10.2 The EU ETS; 10.3 Sources of Greenhouse Gases outside the EU ETS; 10.4 Energy from Renewable Sources; 10.5 Carbon Capture and Storage; 10.6 Energy Efficiency; 10.7 Ecodesign of Energy Using Products; 10.8 Eco Labeling; 11. Waste; 11.1 The Waste Framework Directive; 11.2 Shipments of Waste; 11.3 Landfill of Waste; 11.4 Packaging and Packaging Waste; 11.5 End of Life Vehicles; 11.6 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE); 11.7 Mining Waste; 11.8 Ship Recycling; 11.9 Ship Generated Waste and Cargo Residues; 11.10 Other Particular Kinds of Waste; 12. Chemicals; 12.1 Risks and Knowledge; 12.2 The REACH Regulation; 12.3 Classification, Labeling, and Packaging; 12.4 Pesticides; 12.5 Biocidal Products; 12.6 Trade in Dangerous Chemicals; 12.7 Other Measures Relating to Chemicals; 13. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs); 13.1 Contained Use of GMOs; 13.2 Deliberate Release of GMOs; 13.3 Transboundary Movement of GMOs; 14. Biodiversity; 14.1 Conservation of Wild Birds; 14.2 Conservation of Natural Habitats; 14.3 Conservation of Natural Habitats; 14.4 Deforestation and Illegal Logging; 14.5 Other Measures Relating to Biodiversity

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