The Palgrave Handbook of Global Approaches to Peace

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This volume examines conceptual, disciplinary, institutional (normative) and global interpretive frameworks for making and building peace in the context of roles played by state and non-state actors within local, national, regional, and global units of analysis. Although academic literature on the subject has been steadily expanding in recent years, understanding peace globally has been insufficiently reflected. On the other hand, the focus on Western perspectives of peace, and their universal applications elsewhere, has conversely spawned alternative discourses critical of dominant realist and liberal approaches for creating crises in contemporary state- and peacebuilding. Such critical perspectives of peace emphasize not only resolving the eternal conundrum of humanity, but also urgently call for¿with the rise of increasingly more violent clashes and tensions¿a fresh agenda for developing global interpretive frameworks for peace in international relations discourses.
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¿Aigul Kulnazarova is Professor of International Relations and International Law in the School of Global Studies at Tama University, Japan. Vesselin Popovski is Professor and Vice Dean at the School of Law as well as Director of the Centre for UN Studies at Jindal Global University, India.
PART I: Introduction 1. Editors' Introduction: a framework for global approaches to peaceAigul Kulnazarova and Christian Ydesen 2. Peace in History and International RelationsAigul Kulnazarova PART II: CONCEPTUAL APPROACHES TO PEACE ACROSS THE DISCIPLINES 3. Peace and Developing PhenomenologyJesper Garsdal 4. Peace and Public Goods TheoryBjørn Møller 5. Peace, Politics and ReligionJeffrey Heynes 6. Peace in IR Theories: realism, liberalism and constructivismTeresa Almeida Cravo 7. Peace and CommunismJoão Arsénio Nunes 8. Peace and FeminismJ. Ann Tickner 9. Building Peace: the role of transitional justice and reconciliationAnja Mehr 10. The Gandhian Peace and Global AffairsRamin Jahanbegloo PART III: NATIONAL AND REGIONAL APPROACHES TO PEACE ACROSS THE GLOBE 11. Russian IR Paradigms on International Peace and InstitutionsAlexander Sergunin 12. Reframing the Principle of Noninterference: reflections of Chinese School debates and Bei-jing's approach to peaceLi Li 13. Singapore's Small State Peacemaking: 'Quiet under the Banyan tree'Alan Chong 14. Peace in Rwanda: balancing the ICTR and 'Gacaca' process in postgenocide peacebuildingJean-Damascène Gasanabo 15. Did Colombians Really Say NO to Peace?: a grassroots peace activism versus top-down ap-proachJuan Lucio Fernando 16. Which 'ASEAN Way' Forward?: Southeast Asian perspectives on peace and institutionsEkaterina Koldunova 17. A Latin American Approach to Peacebuilding: the case of MERCOSURFelicitas Acosta 18. African Peace and Security Architecture: an African response to regional and international peacebuildingCharles K. Amegan and Delidji Eric Degila PART IV: INTERNATIONAL APPROACHES TO PEACE: INSTITUTIONS AND PROCESSES AROUND THE WORLD 19. The UN Security Council and the Responsibility to ProtectVesselin Popovski 20. Does International Criminal Justice Promote Peace and Security?Lyal Sunga 21. UNESCO'S Pathways to Peacebuilding: what is a culture of peace and non-violence?Aigul Kulnazarova and Christian Ydesen 22. International Women's Organizations, Peace, and PeacebuildingJoyce Goodman 23. The OECD and Peace: instituting peace by economic meansChristian Ydesen and Joren Verschaeve 24. The Role of International Organizations in Peace and Reconciliation in KenyaJohannes Dragsbæk Schmidt and Michael Owiso 25. Peace Process, International Organizations, and the Kurdish QuestionPavel Shlykov 26. The Role of International Institutions in National and Local Peace Processes: the case of the UN and ICC in ColombiaJeffrey D. Pugh, Adriana Rincón Villegas and Consuelo Sanchez Bautista PART V: ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES TO PEACE AND RESEARCH 27. A Paradigm Shift in Peace Research: towards a sustainable-engendered peaceÚrsula Oswald Spring 28. Promoting Peace Through the Transcend Approach and Non-Violent Political CommunicationJohan Galtung 29. 'How Mountains Start to Run?': the role of culture and mental healing in sustainable peaceElisa Rieger 30. Building Peace: from conflict resolution to conflict transformation in divided societiesLembe Tiky 31. Peace and Development: exploring the nature of relationshipTBC 32. Future Sustainable Peace and EnvironmentTBC 33. In Search of Peace in the ArcticValery Konyshev 34. The Future of International Norms and PeacebuildingAlistair Edgar PART VI: CONCLUSIONS 35. Why Global Approaches to Peace?: on future research directionsAigul Kulnazarova and Christian Ydesen

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