Assessment Methods for Soil Carbon

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Since carbon sequestration in soils reduces the amount of carbon available to the atmosphere, the Kyoto Protocols have heightened interest in soil carbon pools and their effect on carbon fluxes. Assessment Methods for Soil Carbon addresses many of the questions related to the measurement, monitoring, and verification of organic and inorganic carbon in soils. The major topics covered are: carbon pools; soil sampling
and preparation, analytical techniques for soil carbon; soil erosion and sedimentation; remote sensing, GIS and modeling; procedures for scaling carbon data from point and local measurements to regional and even national scales; and economic and policy issues.

In Assessment Methods for Soil Carbon, leading researchers show that we now have the ability to measure, monitor, and verify changes to soil carbon. The book establishes the need for standardized methods that can be used by anyone, and helps us better understand the link between the pedosphere (soils) and the atmosphere. It also shows the importance of developing links between the economics of carbon sequestration and the amounts sequestered, and highlights the need for scientists and policy makers to interact to ensure that policies fit within the scope of present technologies.
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Methods for Assessing Soil C Pools, J.M. Kimble, R. Lal, and R.F. Follett
Methodology for Sampling and Preparation for Soil Carbon Determination, J. Kimble, R.B. Grossman, and S. Samson-Liebig
Importance of Soil Bulk Density and Methods of its Measurement, R. Lal and J. Kimble
The Effects of Terrain Position and Elevation on Soil C in the Southern Appalachians, P.V. Bolstad and J.M. Vose
Approaching "Functional" Soil Organic Matter Pools Through Particle-Size Fractionation: Examples for Tropical Soils, C. Feller, J. Balesdent, B. Nicolardot and C. Cerri
Spatial Variability: Enhancing the Mean Estimate of Organic and Inorganic Carbon in a Sampling Unit, L.P. Wilding, L.R. Drees, and L.C. Nordt
Assessment of Soil Organic Carbon Using the U.S. Soil Survey, R.B. Grossman, D.S. Harms, D.F. Kingsbury, R.K. Shaw, and A.B. Jenkins
Organic Carbon Methods, Microbial Biomass, Root Biomass, and Sampling Design Under Development by NRCS, C.D. Franks, J.M. Kimble, S.E. Samson-Liebig, and T.M. Sobecki
Characterization of Soil Organic Carbon Pools, H.H. Cheng, and J. Kimble
Measuring and Comparing Soil Carbon Storage, B.H. Ellert, H.H. Janzen, and B.G. McConkey
Estimating Total System C in Small Hold and Farming Systems of the East African Highlands, P. Woomer, N.K. Karanja, and E.W. Murage
Assessment and Significance of Labile Organic C Pools in Forest Soils, P.K. Khanna, B. Ludwig, J. Bauhus, and C. O'Hara
Interlaboratory Carbon Isotope Measurement on Five Soils, R.F. Follett and E.G. Pruessner
The Determination of Soil C Pool Sizes and Turnover Rates: Biophysical Fractionation and Tracers, E.A. Paul, S.J. Morris, and S. Böhm
Ecozone and Soil Profile Screening for C-Residence Time, Rejuvenation, Bomb 14C Photosyntheticd13C Changes, H.W. Scharpenseel, E.M. Pfeiffer, and P. Becker-Heidmann
Use of 13C Isotopes to Determine Net Carbon Sequestration in Soil Under Ambient and Elevated CO2, W.R. Horwath, C. Van Kessel, U. Hartwig, and D. Harris
Methods Using Amino Sugars as Markers for Microbial Residues in Soil, W. Amelung
Characterization of Soil Organic Matter, C.L. Ping, G.J. Michaelson, X.Y. Dai, and R.J. Candler
Fractioning Soil in Stable Aggregates Using a Rainfall Simulator, G.C. Starr, R. Lal, and J. Kimble
Towards an Efficient Method for Measuring Total Organic Carbon Stocks in Forests, G.R. Smith
Soil Organic Matter Elevation, R.A. Rossell, J.C. Gasparoni, and J.A. Galantini
The Development of the KMnO4 Oxidation Technique to Determine Labile Carbon in Soil and Its Use in a Carbon Index Management, G. Blair, R. Lefroy, A. Whitbread, N. Blair, and A. Conteh
Effects of Soil Morphological and Physical Properties on Estimation of Carbon Storage in Arctic Soils, G.J. Michaelson, C.L. Ping, and J.M. Kimble
Estimation of Particulate and Total Organic Matter by Weight-Loss-on-Ignition, C.A. Camberdella, A.M. Gajda, J.W. Doran, B.J. Wienhold, and T.A. Kettler
Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Determine Inorganic and Organic Carbon Fractions in Soil and Litter, B. Ludwig and P.K. Khanna
Development of Rapid Instrumental Methods for Measuring Soil Organic Carbon, G.W. McCarty and J.B. Reeves, III
Soil Quality Evaluations of Alternative and Conventional Management Systems in the Great Plains, A.M. Gajda, J.W. Doran, T.A. Kettler, B.J. Wienhold, J.L. Pikul, Jr., and C.A. Cambardella
137Cs for Measuring Soil Erosion and Redeposition: Application for Understanding Soil Carbon, J.C. Ritchie
Assessing the Impact of Erosion on Soil Organic Carbon Pools and Fluxes, G.C. Starr, R. Lal, and J. Kimble, and L. Owens
Assessing Water Erosion Impacts on Soil Carbon Pools and Fluxes, P.A. Jacinthe, R. Lal, and J. Kimble
Soil Organic Carbon Erosion Assessment by Cesium-137, Y. Hao, R. Lal, L.B. Owens, and R. C. Izaurralde
A Simple Model to Estimate So
"I did find it quite interesting and valuable, and believe it would be extremely worthwhile to the practicing environmental worker and researcher. It would be of great use to many of the laboratories branching into this area of analytical expertise." -Richard E. Fairfax, CIH

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