Networking of Mutagens in Environmental Toxicology

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This book covers the latest environmental issues based on current research objectives. All chapters are fundamentally interlinked and focus on deciphering the networking of mutagens in environmental toxicity and human health. Our changing environment, climate, and lifestyle factors are growing concerns in the 21st century. The existing mutagens, either physical or chemical, are responsible for environmental toxicity. These toxicants are carcinogenic and not limited to naturally occurring chemicals or biologicals, but can also be man-made, such as 'radiation'. The networking of mutagens can have a broad range of effects on both the environment and human health. Accordingly, the respective chapters explore the networking of mutagens in connection with environmental toxicity, and address: 1. Extant types of man-made radiation and their effects on the environment and biological systems2. Heavy metal contaminations: Effects on environmental health3. Networking of environmental pollutants in the air, dust, soil, water, and natural toxins in the environment: Exposure and health4. The molecular interaction of environmental carcinogens with DNA: An oncoinformatics approach5. Fundamentals of nonotoxicity, carcinogenicity, mutagenic and neurotoxicity in environmental health6. The role of antioxidants and medicinal plants in reducing the impacts of disease-causing pollutants A sequel to Perspectives in Environmental Toxicology, this book highlights the latest developments in the field of environmental toxicology. It offers a valuable resource for researchers, scholars and graduate students alike.
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Role of radiation in DNA damage and radiation induced cancer.- Mechanistic effect of heavy metals in neurological disorder and brain cancer.- Molecular mechanism of heavy metal toxicity in cancer progression.- Oxidative stress mediated male reproductive toxicity: Oxidation reduction potential as a new diagnostic marker in male infertility management.- Role of Environmental Pollutants (Toxicants) and their Derivatives in Human Carcinogenesis and Development of Cancer: An Oncoinformatics Approach.- System Network Biology Approaches in Exploring of Mechanism behind Mutagenesis.- Cytochrome P450 enzymes in the metabolism of drugs and chemical carcinogens: A perspective on the toxicity and carcinogenesis.- Oxidative stress biomarkers in cyanobacteria exposed to heavy metals pollutants.- Ecotoxicological effects of heavy metal pollution on economically important terrestrial insects.- Heavy metal effects on gram negative bacteria present in hospital aquatic environment.- Glyoxalase system: A critical role in the enzymatic defense against toxic AGEs.- Elucidation of Scavenging Properties of Nanoparticles in the Prevention of Carcinogenicity Induced by Cigarette Smoke Carcinogens: An In Silico Study.- Silver nanoparticles, new therapeutic horizons in oral medicine.- Dual role of melatonin: From adaptation to skin cancer.- Removal of wastewater contaminants using nano-scale materials.
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