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From Genes to Proteins
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Biochemistry is the study of the structure and functions of biological macromolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. The book is organized in five chapters which covers the basic concepts and fascinating chemistry of biomolecules. It also exposes students to different metabolic pathways and concept of energy in biological system, and provides valuable material for the students of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Bioscience.

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Dr. Shikha Kaushik is working as Assistant Professor (Chemistry) at Rajdhani College, University of Delhi, and teaching graduate students of various courses for more than 10 years. She did her post-graduation in Organic Chemistry and Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from the University of Delhi. Her research interests include biophysical & biochemical aspects of nucleic acids, multistranded DNA structures, and DNA-drug interactions. She received the prestigious UGC Research Fellowship in Science for Meritorious students (RFSMS) for pursuing research work. Dr. Kaushik has published a number of research articles in international journals like Biochemistry, JBSD, Biopolymers, Results in Chemistry (Elsevier), etc. She has written two chapters in books published by Springer and also contributed as a content writer - "Electrophoresis & Isotopes in Biology" (Bioorganic & Biophysical Chemistry) for e-PG Pathshala.

Dr. Anju Singh is working as Assistant Professor (Chemistry) in Ramjas College, University of Delhi for 6 years.She has taught undergraduate students of B.Sc. (H) Chemistry, B.Sc. (P) Life Sciences. Her specialization is Organic Chemistry and she did her Ph. D. in Biophysical Chemistry. She is teaching the core paper "Biochemistry" to B.Sc. (H) Chemistry students. She is also involved as content writer in MOOC development of modules for Biochemistry practical. She has published research papers in peer-reviewed international journals of good reputation, e.g., RSC Advances (RSC), International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (Elsevier), Molecules (MDPI), IJMS (MDPI) etc.