I say Ooh You say Aah

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A madcap call-and-response picture book. Ooh the donkey has lost his pants, and young readers can help him find them by responding to simple verbal and visual clues. Perfect for reading aloud and sharing. Ages: 5+
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978-1-78370-872-7 (9781783708727)
1-78370-872-7 (1783708727)
John Kane (Author, Illustrator)
When John Kane was younger, he liked to make up stories for his little sister. Jimmy and Bear, who appeared in them, are still remembered to this day. John lives in Dublin, but has also lived in Australia, where he set up Australia's number one independent advertising agency. His first book is I Say Ooh. You say Aah and his plan is that it won't be the last.
John Kane's book is a laugh-out-loud call and response picture book. The author entreats the readers, nursery year to Year 2, to speak or act in certain ways in response to certain keywords or illustrations. The most important trigger is as follows: when you see an ant, you must say underpants. The pandemonium created by such a command among children of the target age is easy to imagine, being as they are somewhat obsessed with bodily functions and underwear.
The author's friend is a donkey named Ooh. When this donkey manages to lose his underpants, it transpires that they are adorning the head of the reader. Where else would they be?
The aim of this book is to use themes that are fascinating to readers of a certain age to improve their skills in listening, learning and recognition.
The book is sure to be a hit with its target readership. * Armadillo * It's really very simple: when I say OOH, you have to say AAH. When you see an ANT, you say UNDERPANTS, and if you see the colour RED, you pat your HEAD.
In this picture book, young readers help to sell the story by responding to simple verbal or visual cues.
It's a brilliant call-and-response book, which is perfect for fun with kids who can remember and relish all its chaotic rules. * Book Trust * Everybody knows the ending to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood... but now you can make the story your own! This inventive picture book - a mix of fantastic illustrations and an interactive narrative - lets children use their imagination to retell Little Red Riding Hood in their own unique way. Illustrated by picture-book rising star Migy Blanco, the exiting new You Can Tell a Fairy Tale series from Templar Publishing turns traditional stories into a reading adventure and encourages little ones to re-imagine their favourite tales. In You Can Tell a Fairy Tale: Red Riding Hood, we help our heroine decide what to wear, which path to follow through the woods and which magic object will be best to save the day. Readers must also decide what Little Red Riding Hood should take in her basket, what clothes are in grandma's wardrobe, and where to send the big, bad old wolf! Children will love using the visual clues to retell and add detail to the classic fairy tale, there are some added puzzles to enjoy, and then the fun of returning time and time again to send Little Red Riding Hood on a different adventure. * Northern Regional Newspapers * The first page of John Kane's debut picture-book tells readers there's something very important they have to remember. When the narrator says 'Ooh', they must say 'Ahh'. This simple principle of read-and-respond underpins an inventive story and gloriously interactive reading experience. * Irish Examiner *

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