Octopus Coloring Book For Kids! Discover And Enjoy A Variety Of Octopus Coloring Pages

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Did you know there are 300 different species of octopus? Octopuses are soft-bodied, eight-limbed molluscs. They are grouped with cuttlefish, squids and nautiloids in the class Cephalopoda. The name octopus means "eight-legged" in Greek. Learn about octopus facts and learn about the creatures' amazing life. Octopuses are incredibly smart! They have nine brains - one central brain and eight smaller ones in each limb. Two-thirds of their neurons are located in their tentacles, which is why they are able to do so much independently. They have been known to unseal childproof bottles and pretend to be moving rocks. And even though octopuses may seem dumb at first glance, these fascinating creatures have been documented to have the sharpest intelligence of all the animals in the world. Most species of octopuses live in water bodies near the coast. They live in corals and rocks and are mostly solitary. They are not under threat, although scientists are still discovering new species. The octopus' unique abilities make it unique - it can swim backwards by blasting water from its mantle cavity. Using eight arms, it can also maneuver around the ocean floor and poke into tiny holes. The octopus' long tentacles are linked by a skirt that has a mouth in the middle. The octopus' razor-sharp beak is very effective and can deliver a clean cut. Another unique feature of the octopus is its sharp radula, which it uses to drill through hard shells. Its three hearts circulate blue blood, which is a sign of its intelligence.
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