Pentateuch Illuminated

A Five Part Series Introducing A New American Scripture-How and Why the Real Illuminati(TM) Created The Book of Mormon
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Pentateuch Illuminated introduces the second book in our Trilogy, A New American Scripture-How and Why the Real Illuminati(TM) Created the Book of Mormon.
This five-part series is a presentation of information taken from the notes that we (the Real Illuminati(TM)) have accumulated in preparation to publish A New American Scripture. At the present time, we have not designated a definitive timeframe for its publication.
We hope that the sincere researcher of Real Truth will take the time and effort to thoroughly study Pentateuch Illuminated. It can be used as a study guide. We hope that it will provide the reader with an overall and clear understanding of the intent of our upcoming book A New American Scripture.
It is a preemptive overview of what we hope will finally put to rest any doubt about why our new American scripture, the Book of Mormon, was created and published in 1830.
¿If we were asked to explain the purpose of our new American scripture in one sentence, that sentence would be:
The intent of writing our new American scripture was to dissuade the perpetuation of, and to end, organized religion and poverty.
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978-1-937390-29-7 (9781937390297)
The Real Illuminati(TM) is an esoteric (private) group of individuals who work confidentially behind the scenes of society. They oppose superstition, religious influence over public life, the abuses of government power, and obscurantism (the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of a situation or event from becoming known). The group's intent is to influence critical thinking and free thought in the vigorous effort against corruption, when the acts of authority (governmental, religious, traditional, or cultural) inhibit individual free will.

Nothing is more important to human existence than individual free will. When any specific individual or collective human interactions (forming a society or culture) lead to acts that threaten human life and/or individual free will, the Real Illuminati(TM) does everything within its power to counter such threats.

The Real Illuminati(TM) is not a group to which one can apply for membership. The group exists as a result of its initiates finding each other and joining together. There is no ritualistic initiation into the group. Initiation into this group requires that a person exhibits knowledge that is restricted and limited, but mutually-shared and known by other members of the group.

No member of this group owns personal property or possessions. This ascetic (frugal and simple) lifestyle allows its members to move throughout the world inconspicuously and unfettered (free) of worldly concerns. Some members of the group gain sustenance from temporary work, and dedicate this gain to the needs of the others. In some rare instances, the group's basic needs are voluntarily provided for by non-members who have gained personal evidence of the group's existence and purpose.

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