A Companion to Roman Imperialism

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The Roman empire extended over three continents, and all its lands came to share a common culture, bequeathing a legacy vigorous even today. A Companion to Roman Imperialism, written by a distinguished body of scholars, explores the extraordinary phenomenon of Rome's rise to empire to reveal the impact which this had on her subject peoples and on the Romans themselves. The Companion analyses how Rome's internal affairs and international relations reacted on each other, sometimes with violent results, why some lands were annexed but others ignored or given up, and the ways in which Rome's population and power élite evolved as former subjects, east and west, themselves became Romans and made their powerful contributions to Roman history and culture.
Contributors are Eric Adler, Richard Alston, Lea Beness, Paul Burton, Brian Campbell, Arthur Eckstein, Peter Edwell, Tom Hillard, Richard Hingley, Benjamin Isaac, José Luis López Castro, J. Majbom Madsen, Susan Mattern, Sophie Mills, David Potter, Jonathan Prag, Steven Rutledge, Maurice Sartre, John Serrati, Tom Stevenson, Martin Stone, and James Thorne.
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  • Ancient history scholars and the large public readership interested in Roman history and classic Roman leaders, the growth of the empire, and the resulting Greco-Roman literature and culture.
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Dexter Hoyos, D.Phil. (Oxford 1971), is retired Associate Professor and Honorary Affiliate at Sydney University. He has written extensively on Roman government and on the era of the Punic Wars, including Hannibal's Dynasty (Routledge, 2003) and Truceless War (Brill, 2007).
Notes on Contributors. xiii
List of Cities.20

Part One: The Imperialism of the Roman Republic The Genesis of Roman Imperialism
Martin Stone.23
Definitions of Roman Imperialism Peter M.Edwell.39
Sicily and Sardinia-Corsica: The First Provinces
Jonathan Prag.53
The Spains, 205-72 BC
José Luis López Castro.67
Hegemony and Annexation beyond the Adriatic, 230-146 BC
Arthur Eckstein.79
Enter the Muse: Literary Responses to Roman Imperialism (240-100 BC)
Paul Burton.99
Rivals for Empire: Carthage, Macedon, the Seleucids
James Thorne.113
Choosing Friends, Foes and Fiefdoms in the Second Century BC
Tom Hillard and Lea Beness.127
Rei militaris virtus.orbem terrarum parere huic imperio coegit: The Transformation of Roman Imperium, 146-50 BC
Lea Beness and Tom Hillard. 141
Imperialism and the Fall of the Republic: Post hoc ergo propter hoc?
John Serrati. 155
Imperialism and Its Failures, 60 BC-AD 14
Brian Campbell. 169
Reverberations of Empire: Cicero, Caesar and the Post-Sullan Empire
Tom Stevenson. 181

Part Two: The Imperialism of the Caesars
Augustan Imperialism
Richard Alston. 197
Barbarian Friends and Foes: Hegemony beyond Rhine and Danube, ad 14-98
Susan Mattern. 213
Pearls, Gold, Slaves? The Slow Annexation of Britain
Steven Rutledge. 225
Eastern Hegemonies and Setbacks, AD 14-96
Benjamin Isaac. 237
Trajan: Imperialism Victorious and Frustrated
Peter Edwell. 251

Part Three: The Provinces and Rome
Exploitation and Assimilation: The Western Roman Empire from Augustus to Trajan
Richard Hingley. 265
Co-opting the Conqueror: The East from Augustus to Trajan Maurice Sartre. 277
Speeches of Enemies and Criticism of Empire in Early Imperial Historiography
Eric Adler. 291
The Provincialisation of Rome
Jesper Majbom Madsen. 305
The Limits of Power
David Potter. 319
Roman Imperialism: Critics and Aspirants
Sophie Mills. 333

Bibliography. 347
Index. 373

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