Out of the Energy Labyrinth

Uniting Energy and the Environment to Avert Catastrophe
I.B. Tauris (Verlag)
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The planet is under threat. And that threat comes from energy. So goes the standard argument. But according to David Howell and Carole Nakhle, this reasoning is wrong. In their provocative and original book, the authors argue that energy can become a tool for environmental protection, that energy and environment are not by definition in conflict with each other and that by pooling energy production and environmental protection ideas energy can be part of a solution rather than the problem. This book is firmly grounded in reality (given the demands of China, India and other developing economies) and makes specific proposals: a radical rethinking on energy investment strategies; massive incentives to develop alternative fuel technologies; a ground-breaking public awareness strategy to redirect consumers and policy-makers to embrace fundamental (though essentially painless) change in consumption patterns. The solutions that Howell and Nakhle offer are unapologetically short term. This is because the energy challenges immediately ahead, if not handled right, could undermine all longer term attempts to limit climate change.
Their important and novel approach makes this book essential reading for an understanding of today's bewildering environmental debates.
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David Howell (Lord Howell of Guildford) was Secretary of State for Energy and later for Transport in the Conservative governments during the 1980s. He is now Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Lords and Shadow Spokesman for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Carole Nakhle is Energy Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, where she obtained her MSc in Finance Studies and her PhD in Energy Economics. A graduate of the University of Saint Joseph, Beirut, she also works as a petroleum analyst.
'A terrific book, not least because of its topicality. I am fed up with reading about climate change with only pious references to what might be done about it. Here is a practical politician grappling with that question in some detail.' Simon Jenkins, journalist and author 'A serious and thoughtful attempt to grapple with the complexities of the energy challenge and foreign policy. The authors carefully distinguish between the immediacy of the energy security problem and the longer term issue of climate change. They are prepared to take clear stands on controversial issues, such as "peak oil" and the science of climate change, not to mention American foreign policy. They are also remarkably direct regarding Europe's energy vulnerabilities but appropriately dismissive of the pursuit of "energy independence".' - James R. Schlesinger, former US Secretary of Defense and Energy Secretary and now head of a White House Task force on energy policy'A week ago the government published a white paper entitled "Meeting the Energy Challenge". It was followed this week by a slimmer but much more readable volume, Out of the Energy Labyrinth...there is one way in which Out of The Energy Labyrinth scores over nearly every other study. The authors distinguish between the immediate need "for greater energy security worldwide" and the "search for a low-carbon future", with the former taking priority.' Samuel Brittan, Financial Times

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