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How to be Good

Nick Hornby(Autor*in)
Penguin Books Ltd (Verlag)
Erschienen am 9. Februar 2002
256 Seiten
978-0-14-028701-1 (ISBN)
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According to her own complex moral calculations, Katie Carr has earned her affair. She's a doctor, after all, and doctors are decent people, and on top of that, her husband David is the self-styled Angriest Man in Holloway. But when David suddenly becomes good - properly, maddeningly, give-away-all-his-money good - Katie's sums no longer add up, and she is forced to ask herself some very hard questions. Nick Hornby's brilliant new novel, a No. 1 bestseller in the UK and Ireland, offers a painfully funny account of modern marriage and parenthood, and asks that most difficult of questions: what does it mean to be good?
Nick Hornby was born in 1957, and is the author of three previous books, FEVER PITCH, HIGH FIDELITY and ABOUT A BOY, all international bestsellers and all available in Penguin. He has also edited two anthologies, SPEAKING WITH THE ANGEL and MY FAVOURITE YEAR. He is the pop music critic for the New Yorker, and in 1999 was awarded the E.M.Forster award by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He lives and works in Highbury, North London.