Survival Kit for an Equity Analyst

The Essentials You Must Know
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Presented in a narrative format, Essentials of Company Analysis begins with a chapter on the story and professional experience of veteran analyst Shin Horie, offering the reader a window into the into the world of an equity analyst. The book draws upon Horie's decades of professional experience as an analyst and explains why the essentials for becoming successful in the job remain the same and the challenge of equity analysis never gets old, even if the industry landscape evolves constantly. Not a financial theory nor a business textbook, it aims to be a survival/practical guide on how to excel in your job as an equity research analyst, but also offers expert tips on how to discover, analyze, forecast and evaluate public companies.

The book presents analyses on the industry level, from a global perspective and with a particular focus on making adjustments when covering emerging markets companies. It provides a method for getting a holistic and general understanding of the sector's makeup, competitive landscape and revenue and cost drivers before turning to specific companies and their place in that structure. It delves into details for specific industries to drive these points home, given that industry characteristics, growth prospects and valuation methodologies vary substantially and cannot be generalized. Key topics include:

* A background on the basic process flow of company analysis and valuation
* Industry characteristics - Provides specific tips for gathering information about a company and examining it from multiple angles
* Earnings drivers - Although most earnings drivers are company-specific and not easy to generalize, the book will provide rough guidelines of potential earnings drivers in major industries.
* Profiling companies qualitatively - The goal of this process is to show how to dig deeper to find the nuance that a simple financial statement cannot express.
* Methods for modelling companies
* Valuation
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