Bonhoeffer's Religionless Christianity in Its Christological Context

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The German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer understood Western civilization to be "approaching a completely religionless age" to which Christians must respond and adapt. This book explores Bonhoeffer's own response to this challenge--his concept of a religionless Christianity--and its place in his broader theology. It does this, first, by situating the concept in a present-day Western socio-historical context. It then considers Bonhoeffer's understanding and critique of religion, before examining the religionless Christianity of his final months in the light of his earlier Christ-centred theology. The place of mystery, paradox, and wholeness in Bonhoeffer's thinking is also given careful attention, and non-religious interpretation is taken seriously as an ongoing task. The book aspires to present religionless Christianity as a lucid and persuasive contemporary theology; and does this always in the presence of the question which inspired Bonhoeffer's theological journey from its academic beginnings to its very deliberately lived end--the question "Who is Jesus Christ?"
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978-1-9787-0933-1 (9781978709331)
Peter Hooton works for the Research Secretariat at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture on Charles Sturt University's Canberra campus.
Peter Hooton's excellent book constitutes a significant contribution to the growing corpus of Bonhoeffer scholarship. It forensically probes the central notion of "religionless Christianity"-- forensic in the sense of leaving no stone unturned but also in its search for answers, especially to the big questions, 'What is left once Christianity is unburdened by religion?' 'What is left for the believer?' 'What is left for the world come of age?' Finding answers to these Bonhoeffer-implied questions seems more urgent today than ever. Peter Hooton's work takes us just a little closer.--Terence Lovat, The University of Newcastle, emeritus Bonhoeffer's plea for a 'religionless Christianity' continues to intrigue and puzzle generations of new readers. Peter Hooton argues eloquently and with academic rigor that Bonhoeffer's prison theology can only be truly understood as an aspect of his abiding and central conviction of Jesus Christ as the truth of both God and humanity.--Rev. Dr. Keith Clements

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