Heinz Duthel

'The Insider': Inside the Secret Teams

Autor: Heinz Duthel
Verlag: Lulu.com, London
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ISBN13: 9781409219514
ISBN10: 1409219518
Erschienen: 23.07.2008
Medientyp: Buch
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Land: Großbritannien
Sprache: Englisch
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Sometimes security is about keeping an eye on those we trust most ...Intelligence versus Secret Operations "Defense" as a National Military Philosophy Communications: The Web of the World Transportation: Anywhere in the World - Now The man who has not lived in the secrecy and intelligence environment-really lived in it and fully experienced it-cannot write accurately about it. There is no substitute for the day to day living of a life in which he tells his best friends and acquaintances, his family and his everyday contacts one story while he lives another. The man who must depend upon research and investigation inevitably falls victim to the many pitfalls of the secret world and of the "cover story" world with its lies and counter-lies.
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