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Family Money 2022

Joan Hawkins(Autor*in)
451 Editions (Verlag)
Erschienen am 25. März 2022
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978-1-9162975-4-8 (ISBN)
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New York, 1970s. Janet Sproule lives in an affluent neighbourhood and comes from old family money. Her privileged life is suddenly turned upside down when her sister is kidnapped and held for ransom by a group of urban terrorists. Her parents' reaction to the crisis causes Janet to question everything she has always taken for granted. While she has a rich family life, a handsome, ambitious husband and two great kids, she is haunted by the feeling that something is missing. Then an old friend shows up out of the blue: Mimi Girard symbolises freedom, integrity and an alternative lifestyle that Janet comes to realise may be the missing link. A stunning exploration of women's lives in the 1970s with an LGBT twist, written in vivid, smart prose.
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978-1-9162975-4-8 (9781916297548)
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Joan Hawkins was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She attended Bennington College and New York University. She lived most of her life in Manhattan, where she practised psychotherapy. Her debut novel, Underwater, was published by GP Putnam in 1974. The book was critically acclaimed, challenging traditional gender roles and exploring controversial issues of the day. The second edition of Underwater was published on its fortieth anniversary by Landon Books in 2014. The author's second novel, Bailey (2012), explores themes of addiction and childhood trauma. Trespass (2013), is a fascinating portrait of a moribund, spirited woman living joyously to the end. Her fourth work, Rematch (2021), set in the early eighties, is a prescient take on corporate sexual discrimination. Joan's fifth title, the political drama Family Money, was published in 2022 by 451 Editions along with this 3rd edition of Underwater. For more, see: