Cilia and Flagella, Ciliates and Flagellates

Ultrastructure and cell biology, function and systematics, symbiosis and biodiversity
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Ciliates are a group of protozoans with hair-like organelles (cilia), which are identical in structure to the flagella of eucaryotes, but typically shorter and present in much larger numbers with a different undulating pattern than flagella. This book presents a contemporary and imaginative synopsis of diverse biological aspects of cilia/flagella and ciliates/flagellates. It comprises contributions by a dozen of renowned experts from all over the world, which summarize our current understanding, essentially the results obtained and progress made during the last five decades of research of cilia/flagella and the ultrastructure, cell biology, organellar function, motility, taxonomy/systematics, symbiosis, and biodiversity of ciliates and flagellates. The book provides various suggestions for future research. It is lavishly illustrated by numerous line drawings and light- and electron-microscopic images. This publication addresses advanced students of biology and zoology, and all scientists teaching and working in cell biology and protistology.
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List of Contributors V
Preface VII

Cilia and Flagella - Ciliates and Flagellates
Klaus Hausmann and Renate Radek 3

Cellular Architecture, Growth, Morphogenesis, Chemoattractants, and Loose Ends
Gregory A. Antipa 23
Ejection, Ingestion, Digestion, and Expulsion in Ciliates
Klaus Hausmann 47

Cell Biology
A Song of Praise for Paramecium as a Model in Vesicle Trafficking
A Sotto Voce Praise in Retrospect with Certain Reservation
Helmut Plattner 69
Ciliate Mating Types and Pheromones
Pierangelo Luporini, Claudio Alimenti, and Adriana Vallesi 95

Encounters with Cilia
Michael A. Sleigh 121
How do Protists keep up?
Hans Machemer 133
Ctenophores and Termites - Systems for Motility
Sidney L. Tamm 147
Taxonomy and Systematics
Kinetids, Concepts, and Coincidences
Denis H. Lynn 175
On Algal and other Protist Flagella and Cilia
Øjvind Moestrup 189

Insights into the Paramecium-Holospora and Paramecium-Chlorella Symbioses
Masahiro Fujishima and Yuuki Kodama 203
Prokaryotic Endosymbionts in Ciliates
Hans-Dieter Görtz 229
Symbionts of Symbionts - Termite Flagellates and their Bacterial Associations
Renate Radek and Jürgen F. H. Strassert 239

Smallest Protists in the Deepest Depths - Flagellates from Abyssal Sea Floors
Klaus Hausmann 255

Retro- and Prospective
Five Decades of Research in Protistology - What have We learned?
Jens Boenigk 267

Curricula Vitae of Contributors 277
Humor 287
Acknowledgements 290
Index 291

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