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History of the Second World War, B. H. Liddell Hart's last work as well as his magnum opus, embodies the fruits of twenty years of research and a lifetime of thinking on war. It abounds with controversial judgments, including provocative assertions about the true causes behind France's defeat in 1940, Hitler's failed invasion of Russia, and Japan's stunning victory at Pearl Harbor; the effectiveness of the Allies' strategic bombing of Germany; the questionable necessity of detonating atom bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and much more. This monumental history is both a crowning achievement and a final summation by one of the greatest military thinkers of the twentieth century.
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Captain Basil Henry Liddell Hart (1895-1970) authored over thirty books on military history. Among them are: Great Captains Unveiled, Lawrence of Arabia, The Rommel Papers, Scipio Africanus, and Sherman (all available from Da Capo Press/Perseus Book Group).
* Pt. I The Prelude * How War was Precipitated * The Opposing Forces at the Outbreak * Pt. II The Outbreak (1939-1940) * The Overrunning of Poland * 'The Phoney War' * The Finnish War * Pt. III The Surge (1940) * The Overrunning of Norway * The Overrunning of the West * The Battle of Britain * Counterstroke from Egypt * The Conquest of Italian East Africa * Pt. IV The Spread (1941) * The Overrunning of the Balkans and Crete * Hitler Turns Against Russia * The Invasion of Russia * Rommel's Entry into Africa * 'Crusader' * Upsurge in the Far East * Japan's Tide of Conquest * Pt. V The Turn (1942) * The Tide Turns in Russia * Rommel's High Tide * The Tide Turns in Africa * 'Torch' * The Race for Tunis * The Tide Turns in the Pacific * The Battle of the Atlantic * Pt. VI The Ebb (1943) * The Clearance of Africa * Re-entry into Europe * The Invasion of Italy * The German Ebb in Russia * The Japanese Ebb in the Pacific * Pt. VII Full Ebb (1944) * Capture of Rome and Second Check in Italy * The Liberation of France * The Liberation of Russia * The Crescendo of Bombing * The Liberation of the South-west Pacific and Burma * Hitler's Ardennes Counterstroke * Pt. VIII Finale (1945) * The Sweep from Vistula to Oder * The Collapse of Hitler's Hold on Italy * The Collapse of Germany * The Collapse of Japan * Pt. IX Epilogue * Books Referred to in the Text * Subject Index * General Index * Classified List of Author's Books
"The best book of its kind.[It is] a crisp professional critique of the strategic concepts and tactical methods of all the contending forces. Liddell Hart writes with no national bias, and is as critical of British -- and Allied -- performance as of the enemy's".-- The New Yorker

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