The Heart of a Leader: Fifty-Two Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance Your Career

Fifty-Two Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance Your Career
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Most employees are taught to work hard then wait to be recognized and rewarded. This has left millions of employees disappointed, dissatisfied, and stuck. Advancing your career requires not only technical competence (the "what") but also careful skills (the "how"). While some employees are lucky enough to have mentors to guide them along their career journey, even fewer have sponsors. This leaves a huge gap for millions of employees who aspire for more in their careers but lack a personal guide to help them navigate an uncertain and often treacherous job terrain. The Heart of a Leader: 52 Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance Your Career uncovers insider secrets on leadership for go-getters who aren't satisfied with status quo careers. Authored by Kristin Harper, the book is based on over 20 years of firsthand experience climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. When Harper graduated from business school, she had the technical skills to succeed, but she wasn't equipped to navigate the politics, personalities, and changing priorities that accompany the work environment. Through a combination of hard work, sound guidance from mentors, and a commitment to continuous improvement, she was named vice president of a Fortune 15 company in her 30s. Strengthening her emotional intelligence (EI) was a critical enabler of her success. Now, she's sharing these insights with you. Each chapter in The Heart of a Leader focuses on leadership and emotional intelligence competencies, actionable tools, bite-sized insights, and inspiring quotes to reference throughout your career. Whether you're an aspiring leader new in your career or a seasoned employee ready for the next level, adopting the time-tested, duplicatable insights in The Heart of a Leader will help accelerate your career.
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978-1-5381-3262-3 (9781538132623)
Kristin Harper is a global vice president at Cardinal Health, a $120B Fortune 15 healthcare company. Before transitioning to B2B Healthcare, she built deep General Management and Marketing experience in Consumer-Packaged Goods at Procter & Gamble and The Hershey Company. She enjoys nurturing the potential of others through keynote presentations, workshops, and coaching on Marketing, Branding, Leadership, and Emotional Intelligence. Kristin has led teams to develop strategies, innovation, and equity-building marketing that drive increased sales, profit, and share for global iconic brands, including Crest(R), Oral-B(R), and Hershey's KISSES(R). She serves as a co-founder and board president of Pacesetters Unlimited, which provides mentoring and scholarships to African-American youth. She's an active lifetime member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and founder/past president of the Florida A&M University Central Ohio Alumni Chapter. She is author of Love's Resurrection: A Spiritual Journey through Marriage, Divorce and Remarrying the Same Man (2008). She and her husband are the proud parents of three children and reside in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio.
At the heart of a leader are traits like speed, grit and getting lost in the team. This quick, practical read is a great reminder about these habits that serve us well as leaders.--Mike Kaufmann, CEO, Cardinal Health A must read! You will undoubtedly consult these pearls of wisdom innumerable times in your career. Kristin unlocks the secrets that will empower and transform every professional from interns to mid-level managers to executives. I've personally witnessed Kristin model these strategies and embody this philosophy. Prepare for next level success with this treasure!--Tramayne Whitney, HR Executive, Google The Heart of a Leader is a concise pocket-guide reference for navigating the career ecosystem. The author has successfully created a toolkit to support leaders through the trenches of professional development.--Ariana Martin, D.O., Co-author of "Her story; Heartache, Happiness, and Hiccups Along the Way"

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