Data Protection in a Profiled World

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One of the most challenging issues facing our current information society is the accelerating accumulation of data trails in transactional and communication systems, which may be used not only to profile the behaviour of individuals for commercial, marketing and law enforcement purposes, but also to locate and follow things and actions. Data mining, convergence, interoperability, ever- increasing computer capacities and the extreme miniaturisation of the hardware are all elements which contribute to a major contemporary challenge: the profiled world. This interdisciplinary volume offers twenty contributions that delve deeper into some of the complex but urgent questions that this profiled world addresses to data protection and privacy.

The chapters of this volume were all presented at the second Conference on Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP2009) held in Brussels in January 2009 ( The yearly CPDP conferences aim to become Europe's most important meeting where academics, practitioners, policy-makers and activists come together to exchange ideas and discuss emerging issues in information technology, privacy and data protection and law. This volume reflects the richness of the conference, containing chapters by leading lawyers, policymakers, computer, technology assessment and social scientists. The chapters cover generic themes such as the evolution of a new generation of data protection laws and the constitutionalisation of data protection and more specific issues like security breaches, unsolicited adjustments, social networks, surveillance and electronic voting.

This book not only offers a very close and timely look on the state of data protection and privacy in our profiled world, but it also explores and invents ways to make sure this world remains a world we want to live in.
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I. Generic Issues.- 1. About the E-Privacy Directive: Towards a third generation of data protection legislation?; Yves Poullet.- 2. Some Caveats on Profiling; Serge Gutwirth and Mireille Hildebrandt- 3.Levelling up: Data privacy and the European Court of Human Rights; Gordon Nardell. 4. Responding to the Inevitable Outcomes of Profiling - Recent Lessons from the Consumer Financial Markets, and Beyond; Tal Z. Zarsky.- II. Specific Issues : Security Breaches, Unsolicited Adjustments, Facebook, Surveillance and Electronic Voting.-5. The Emerging European Union Security Breach Legal Framework - The 2002/58 ePrivacy Directive and Beyond; Rosa Barcelo and Peter Traung.- 6. From Unsolicited Communications to Unsolicited Adjustments. Redefining a Key Mechanism for Privacy Protection; Gloria González Fuster, Serge Gutwirth and Paul de Hert.- 7. Facebook and Risks of 'De-Contextualization' of Information; Franck Dumortier.- 8. Surveillance in Germany: Strategies and Counterstrategies; Ralf Bendrath, Gerrit Hornung, Andreas Pfitzmann.- 9. Verifiability of Electronic Voting between Confidence and Trust; Wolter Pieters.- 10. Electronic Voting in Germany; Melanie Volkamer.- III. Third Pillar Issues.- 11.The new Council Decision strengthening the role of Eurojust: does it also strengthen data protection at Eurojust?; Diana Alonso Blas.- 12. Tansatlantic Data Sharing as a Reconfiguration of Powers and Resistances: The 2008 German-US Agreement on Data Exchange; Rocco Bellanova.- 13. NA Data Exchange: Germany flexed its Muscle; Sylvia ierkegaard.- IV. Technology Assessment Views.- 14. Information Privacy in Europe from a TA perspective; Walter Peissl.- 15. Privacy and Security - A Brief Synopsis of the Results of the European TA-Project PRISE; Johann Cas.-V. Legal Practitioner's Views. 16. The Role of Private Lawyers in the Data Protection World; Christopher Kuner.- 17. Transfer and monitoring: two key words in the current data protection private practice - a legalpractitioner's view; Tanguy Van Overstraeten, Sylvie Rousseau and Guillaume Couneson.- VI. Technologist's views.-18. Architecture is Politics. Security and Privacy Issues in Transport and Beyond; Bart Jacobs.- 19. PET's in the Surveillance Society. A Critical Review of the Potentials and Limitations of the Privacy as Confidentiality Paradigm; Seda Gürses, Bettina Berendt.- 20. Privacy by design : a Matter of Choice; Daniel Le Métayer
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