Made You Look: How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know

How Advertising Works and Why You Should Know
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THE kids' survival guide to advertising, revised and updated for the digital age. Ads are everywhere these days: they are trying to be your friend on Facebook, popping up in the background of your videogame, and even messaging your phone when you walk by a store. More than ever before, kids are the prime target of these marketing messages. But they also have more power than ever to fight back. For ten years, Made You Look has been an essential self-defense guide for anyone trying to make sense of the complex world of advertising. Now fully revised and with a fresh new look, the book has been updated to reflect the modern ad landscape, from digital tracking and cookies (not the chocolate chip kind!) to social media, viral videos, and reality television. From the earliest roots of advertising to the undercover marketers of the 21st century, this revealing book shows readers where ads come from, how they work, and why kids need to be informed. Bursting with real-life examples, thought-provoking questions, hip illustrations, and plenty of tips to empower young consumers, Made You Look is every kid's ultimate guide to the advertising universe.
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Shari Graydon is an award-winning author, educator, and media commentator. Her other books include "In Your Face" and "I Feel Great About My Hands."

Michelle Lamoreaux is an illustrator who works with publishers, agencies, and magazines throughout the United States. She lives in Cedar City, Utah.
[Review of previous edition: ] Eye opening.. this book should be read by both children and their parents.--Elizabeth Shaffer"BC Parent" (01/01/2004) [Review of previous edition: ] [Starred review: ] Lively analysis seeks to raise preteens' awareness... brimming with anecdotes, facts, and quotes... once they start reading, they'll find themselves sucked in.--Jennifer Mattson"Booklist / RBB" (12/01/2003) [Review of previous edition: ] [Made You Look] is an excellent book on a topic that becomes more and more important every day -- advertisers marketing their products to children. Shari Graydon, a veteran media literacy activist, clearly knows her stuff. ... Without coming across as preachy or judgmental, Graydon has done an amazing job of presenting what has up to now been a marginal topic. She even includes example of what some kids may think of as "good" ads.... This balanced approach to the topic lends a lot of credibility to Graydon's arguments. I cannot think of a single person -- child or adult -- who would not benefit from reading this excellent, entertaining book on a very important topic. Highly Recommended.--Grace Sheppard"Canadian Materials" (01/02/2004) [Review of previous edition: ] Intelligent observation and reflection by children 9 and older is encouraged in [this book]... Children are both the mouse to be caught as well as the cheese in the bait in commercial ads today.--Linda Piwowarczyk"Chicago Sun Newspapers" (11/13/2003) [Review of previous edition: ] Engaging and intelligent.--Susan Schwartz"Montreal Gazette" (04/05/2004) [Review of previous edition: ] Lively, view-changing stories of advertising principles, psychology and history are followed by activities you can try at home.--Susie Wilde"Raleigh News and Observer" (12/07/2003) [Review of previous edition: ] This skillfully age-tailored overview of the advertising industry has an appealing cover design, a fast-paced and friendly text, cartoon illustrations, and a generous smattering of juicy, relevant sidebars and quotes... thorough in coverage and thought-provoking... deconstructs ad campaigns without undue condemnation or bias, exposing their sometimes less-than-salient subtext and neatly outlining the common techniques advertisers us to manipulate consumer appetites.--Jeffrey Hastings"School Library Journal" (12/01/2003) [Review of previous edition: ] Author Shari Graydon uses a lively style to attract teens and encourage them to make informed choices about their consumption and spending.--Deborah Taylor"Teacher Librarian" (02/01/2005) [Review of previous edition: ] Easily read book explains the history of advertising, how it works, tricks of the trade, and how to complain effectively... Humorous illustrations enhance the information... this helpful text is recommended for consumer education classes.--Deborah L. Dubois"VOYA" (02/01/2004) Revised and updated for the digital generation. This delightful, datafilled, and slightly tongue-in-cheek exploration of the world of advertising entertains and informs young consumers. Beginning with a look at the history of advertising, the author then takes readers on a lively journey through labels, targets, subliminal messages, and the power of the teenage voice. Teens will learn about consumer power, complaint power, and companion power, and how they can affect how companies advertise. Visually attractive sidebars provide quick facts, top ten lists, and DIY experiments. Source notes clearly show the author's significant amount of research. Teachers will find ways to use this title in their classrooms, and reluctant readers will find themselves attracted by the catchy illustrations and layout. Index. Recommended.--Michaela Schied, Librarian, Indian River Middle Sc"Library Media Connection" (06/01/2014) Data-filled and slightly tongue-in-cheek, this book explores the world of advertising and informs young consumers.--Shelley Glantz"Curriculum Connections" (10/01/2014) A primary example of how advertising influences us comes in the form of a justified and useful tool: the newly updated and revised edition. If you think advertising doesn't leave any kind of impression on us, better think again.... Why does this book have such great potential? For starters, Shari Graydon is an expert on how she reaches as many readers as she can, pointing them in the right direction to look for the true, fake or misleading types of advertising.... Another plus for readers is that Graydon really knows her stuff.--Carol A. Wright"Manhattan Mercury" (10/19/2014)

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