The Four Fields of Leadership: How People and Organizations Can Thrive in a Hyper-Connected World

How People and Organizations Can Thrive in a Hyper-Connected World
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Learn to succeed and lead in today's complex world with Tom Goodell's science of simplicity. Drawing on mathematics, physics, Buddhism, brain research, and best practices in leadership and business management, Tom Goodell introduces a science of simplicity. In The Four Fields of Leadership, the reader learns to discover the opportunities inherent in a complex and hyper-connected world while avoiding the chaos that complexity and hyper-connection often create. The Four Fields of Leadership presents a proven program for living and working that enables individuals, teams, and leaders to filter out the noise, tune in to what matters, and make decisions that drive learning, innovation, and success. The Four Fields of Leadership shows you that the seeds of resilience and growth lie in complexity itself. And surprisingly, the solution to complexity is not itself complex. It is simple, but it requires a different kind of thinking than we are used to. A way of thinking that requires overcoming ancient patterns of behavior, some of which are buried in our genes. Learning to thrive requires something that is at once deeper and simpler than what worked in the past. Here, Tom Goodell reveals the deep challenges of complexity and shows you how to both achieve performance and accountability on a sustained basis. Through the book, you will learn: -How the butterfly effect, chaos theory, emergent behavior, and network science are relevant to you and your business; Why feedback is the animating principle of all living systems, and how it defines performance at all four levels of organizations (personal, relationship, team, and enterprise). -The set of essential rules we establish for our lives, relationships, teams and organizations that determine our ability to thrive through constant change over long periods of time. -How to free yourself from the tyranny of emotions, without losing the wisdom they provide, by a practice of accepting what is, and embracing what could be. -How to focus your attention and control your breathing to shift your physical and neurological state, enabling you to see clearly and make the most effective choices under any circumstances, thereby creating a powerful presence that attracts others to follow. -Three rules for managing and capitalizing on personal performance Deepening your awareness of self and others through mindfulness training -Building the "choice muscle" that enables you to quickly perceive all available choices at any decision point, and select the one that best serves your purpose -Establishing accountability as a personal choice that you and others embrace as a path to purpose and fulfillment -Three rules of relationship performance Establishing honesty as the foundation for your conversations by openly and respectfully sharing your thoughts and feelings with others. -Always behaving with integrity by using your self-awareness practices to check emotional reactivity and ensure that your actions always line up with your words. -Using the "three interpretations of trust" (sincerity, capability, and reliability) in all of your relationships -How to create the "magic of many" in work teams; -How to use the cycle of leadership to ensure innovation, vision, and execution are constants throughout your organization; -The secrets and practices for maintaining leadership agility while managing thousands of relationships in large enterprises;
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Tom Goodell is President and founder of Linden Leadership, Inc. Tom has worked as a coach and facilitator for senior executives, managers, and teams in organizations ranging from small family owned businesses to Fortune 50 global enterprises. His training has touched over 20,000 employees. Tom received his CPPM certification in Ontological Coaching from The Newfield Network, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. He also studied somatic coaching with Richard Heckler, founder and director of Strozzi Institute in Petaluma, California. Tom lives in Minneapolis with his wife Barbara Babbitt. They have two grown daughters.

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