Nanofabrication for Smart Nanosensor Applications

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Nanofabrication for Smart Nanosensor Applications addresses the design, manufacture and applications of a variety of nanomaterials for sensing applications. In particular, the book explores how nanofabrication techniques are used to create more efficient nanosensors, examines their major applications in biomedicine and environmental science, discusses the fundamentals of how nanosensors work, explores different nanofabrication techniques, and comments on toxicity and safety issues relating to the creation of nanosensors using certain nanomaterial classes. This book is an important resource for materials scientists and engineers who want to make materials selection decisions for the creation of new nansensor devices.

- Summarizes current research and applications of a variety of nanofabrication techniques for the creation of efficient sensing devices
- Provides readers with an understanding of surfaces and interfaces, a key challenge for those working on hybrid nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, graphene, polymers and liquid crystal electro-optical imaging
- Discusses the variability and sight recognition of biopolymers, such as DNA molecules, which offer a wide range of opportunities for the self-organization of nanostructures into much more complex patterns
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Kaushik Pal is Research Professor in the Department of Nanotechnology, Bharath University, India. His research focuses on nanofabrication, functional materials, carbon nanotubes, and nanoscale sensing technologies. Fernando Gomes Souza Junior is Associate Professor in Civil Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His research focuses in the areas of the use of renewable resources and nanocomposites in sensors, drug delivery and environmental recovery.
1. Introduction to Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing for Nanosensors 2. Golden Opportunities and Future Perspectives of Nanosensors in Environmental Monitoring 3. Designing of novel type nanosensor for Environmental aspects 4. Application and success of MIPs in optical-based nanosensors 5. Recent Developments in Nano-structured Metal-Oxides Based Electrochemical Sensors 6. Nanosensors and Nanobiosensors: Agricultural and Food Technology Aspects 7. Nanosensors in Biomedical and Environmental Applications: Perspectives and Prospects 8. Nanosensors for better diagnosis of health 9. Nanomaterials for diagnosis: challenges and applications 10. Nanomaterials based gas sensor for environmental science and technology 11. Hybrid nanocomposites and their potential applications in the field of nanosensors / gas and biosensors 12. Design and fabrication of CNTs/graphene based polymer nanocomposite application in nanosensor 13. Nanomaterials dispersed Liquid Crystalline optical materials potential application of thermal sensor 14. Carbon-based nanomaterials as novel nanosensor 15. Polymer nanocomposite matrix for environmentally friendly device based smart sensor application 16. Smart polymer systems as concrete self-healing agents 17. Chemical engineering of protein cages for pharmaceutical applications

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