The Idea of Public Journalism

Foreword by Cole C. Campbell
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This volume offers a critical and constructive examination of the claims of public journalism, the controversial movement aimed at getting the press to promote and indeed improve--not merely report on--the quality of public life. From leading contributors, original essays refine the terms of the debate by situating it within a broad cultural, historical, and philosophical framework. Exploring the movement's promise as well as its problems, the book sheds light on vital issues of political power, freedom of expression, democratic participation, and press responsibility.
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Theodore L. Glasser is professor of communication and director of the Graduate Program in Journalism at Stanford University. His work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Critical Studies in Mass Communication, Journal of Communication, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Nieman Reports, The Quill, and The New York Times Book Review. Custodians of Conscience: Investigative Journalism and Public Virtue, written with James Ettema, was published in 1998 by Columbia University Press. PREVIOUS GUILFORD BOOK: His previous publications include Public Opinion and the Communication of Consent, coedited with Charles T. Salmon.
Foreword: Journalism as a Democratic Art, Campbell. Introduction: The Idea of Public Journalism, Glasser. I. The Challenge of Public Journalism. The Action of the idea: Public Journalism in Built Form, Rosen. In Defense of Public Journalism, Carey. The Common Good as First Principle, Christians. Making Readers into Citizens--The Old Fashioned Way, Leonard. The Challenge for Public Journalism. Public Journalism and Democratic Theory: Four Challenges, Peters. What Public Journalism Knows about Journalism but Doesn't Know about "Public", Schudson. Journalism and the Sociology of Public Life, Pauly. Making the Neighborhood Work: The Improbabilities of Public Journalism, Zelizer. Appendices: A. On Evaluating Public Journalism, Chaffee, McDevitt Reinventing the Press for the Age of Commercial Appeals: Writings on and about Public Journalism, Hardt C. A Selected and Annotated Bibliography.
"Glasser assembles major figures in academia to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of public journalism and to advance the ongoing discussion of the movement. Contributors mix insight and historical background in their superbly written chapters. Anyone interested in public journalism will find much here to contemplate." --Davis "Buzz" Merritt, Senior Editor, The Wichita Eagle, author of Public Journalism and Public Life "In this book, Glasser draws together voices that cut through the muddy rhetoric that has so marred discussion of public journalism. The authors provide historical perspective and offer diverse lenses through which to view this movement. With wisdom and elegance, they help us engage the truly profound questions that public journalism raises for the future of our democracy." --Frances Moore Lappe, editor-in-chief, The American News Service and co-author, The Quickening of America: Rebuilding our Nation, Remaking our Lives .,."the book presents both the promise and the problems in changing the way the dissemination of news works. Thirteen different contributors argue within a broad cultural, historical, and philosophical framework the notion that the media need not only offer or illustrate the trials of the day but become a vehicle for positive change."--"Sources" "An impressive set of writers, public journalism is explored in these pages by Jay Rosen, James W. Carey, Clifford G. Christians, Thomas C. Leonard, John Durham Peters, Michael Schudson, John J. Pauly, Barbie Zelizer, Steven H. Chaffee, Michael McDevitt, and Hanno Hardt." --"Critical Studies in Media Communication" ""The Idea of Public Journalism" is an important title because it neither boosts nor bashes public journalism. It is a critical yet constructive assessment of a movement toward maturity, and it would be useful in classes for graduate or advanced undergraduate students who are studying the challenges faced by journalism at the beginning of the 21st century." --"Journalism and Mass Communication Educator" "Each contributor adds a layer of insightful and thoughtful analysis to the ongoing conversation about journalism's responsibility to our common life. For citizens new to public journalism, this book provides a wealth of historical information that will quickly familiarize them with the concept and its philosophic roots. For others who have been involved in the movement from its inception, the critically constructive-and instructive-essays will evoke new thoughts and ideas to encourage continued experimentation." --"Connections"
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