The Love of our Soul

The Achievements and Insights of Love 1001 from the book entitled "The Gravitation of Love"
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978-3-947843-15-2 (ISBN)
In our world, all of life is constantly connected to the love of God. Through the divine love of a twin flame pair, which is bonded in two parts of one soul in two human beings, the love and the soul of a human being are explained in a new way. Experience the secrets of a human being which would not have been possible without the twin flame energies.

The themes of this book are love, the soul, the human body, God, the spiritual world, divine power and twin flame love. It makes me very happy that this book will help you get to know your love and your soul even more deeply and with even more awareness. Some of the achievements and insights of Love 1001 are a world first when it comes to explaining love and the human soul, and you are likely not to have heard of them before. Our human body is steered by our soul, and protected and guided onto the right path by the divine power of God. The possibilities of divine twin flame love are incredible - it is one of God's miracles that something so wonderful is truly possible.
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978-3-947843-15-2 (9783947843152)
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