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International Succession

Louis Garb(Herausgeber*in)
Kluwer Law International (Verlag)
Erschienen am 1. Juni 1998
696 Seiten
978-90-411-0781-7 (ISBN)
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International Succession provides clear, easy-to-use, up-to-date information on
succession law in forty-four countries, including important internal variations among
states or provinces where appropriate. Each country report is based on responses to a
uniform and comprehensive questionnaire, so users will find it easy to make specific
comparisons between the laws of one country and those of another.
<p class=copymedium>Formerly published as a looseleaf publication, the work¿s long-established tradition of userfriendly answers to practical questions is wholeheartedly continued. The contributors
are senior lawyers and well-known experts in the field in their own countries, and all
have wide experience in international succession cases.
<p class=copymedium>Judges, lawyers, notaries, registrars of civil status, banks, trust companies, and consular officials who find themselves having to apply foreign laws as a result of applicable law rules of
international private law will find in International Succession an invaluable practical
reference tool in handling the complicated differences and conflicts arising where
cross border transactions occur.

Preface, Introduction, Questionnaire

Argentina by <i>Alberto D.Q. Molinario</i> Austria
by<i> Merran Loewenthal and Dr Friedrich Schwank</i> Belgium by <i>Miller,
Bolle & Partners </i>Bermuda by <i>Monica Jones</i> Brazil by <i>Adriana
Camargo Rodrigues and Geraldo Luiz Dos Santos Lima</i> British Virgin Islands
by <i>Christopher J. Mckenzie</i> Canada Ontario by <i>Archie Rabinowitz</i>
Quebec by <i>Didier Fréchette,</i> <i>Frank Zylberberg and Martín Raymond </i>
Cayman Islands by <i>Ian Lambert, Tony Pursall and Anna Peccarino</i> China by <i>
Richard Xiaoyun Wang</i> Czech Republic by <i>Jírí Svoboda</i>
Denmark by <i>Hans Henrik Skjød</i>t England and Wales by <i>Clive
Cutbill and John Wood (partners) Herbert Smith </i>Finland by <i>Barbara
Engblom-Lindgren and Thomas Reinius</i> France by <i>Joseph Roubache</i>
Germany by <i>Dr. Heinz L. Bauer</i> Greece by<i> Mme Aspassia Martini-Vardaka </i>
Guernsey by <i>St John A. Robilliard</i> Hungary by <i>Vera Varkonyi</i> India
by <i>Lalit Bhasin</i> Ireland by <i>Walter Beatty</i> Isle of Man by <i>John
Rimmer</i> Israel by <i>Louis Garb</i> Italy by <i>Franco Salerno Cardillo</i>
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Kanzlei Ritter Wohlwend Wolff</i> Mexico by<i> Marcos Berkman </i>The
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Nigel N. T. Li, Sophia Yeh and Josephine Peng</i> Turkey by <i>Yamaner &
Yamaner Law Offices</i> United States New York by <i>James Ripley Westmoreland</i>
Pennsylvania by <i>Betty Igdalski Lawler</i> Venezuela by <i>Dr. Angel
Gabriel Vis</i>o West Indies by <i>Karen Nunez-Tesheira</i>