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Meaning, Frames, and Conceptual Representation

Düsseldorf University Press DUP
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The articles in this volume present contemporary and original research on linguistic meaning, concept formation and conceptual analysis. A central theme across the articles is the question of how concepts are structured, how they are represented in the mind, and how they are expressed in language. Two introductory papers on concept types and frames set out the crucial role of attributes and frames for the representation of concepts. The topics of the contributions range from the interrelation between determination and reference of nominal expressions, the verbal and adjectival expression of attributes, and the analysis of metonymy to the frame-based representation of action-related concepts and the classification of mental disorders in psychiatry. The collection of articles provided by this volume will be of interest to researchers and advanced students in the fields of semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of mind, and the cognitive sciences.

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Thomas Gamerschlag, Doris Gerland, Rainer Osswald und Wiebke Petersen, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf.

Frontmatter -- Table of Contents -- Preface -- INTRODUCTION TO CONCEPT TYPES AND FRAMES -- Functional Concepts and Frames -- Representation of Concepts as Frames -- NOMINAL CONCEPT TYPES AND DETERMINATION -- Uniqueness of the Definite Article with Respect to Cognitive Frames -- FrameNet, Barsalou Frames and the Case of Associative Anaphora -- The DeVniteness EUect and a New ClassiVcation of Possessive Constructions -- Referential Properties of Nouns across Languages -- THE MEANING OF ADJECTIVES, NOUNS, AND VERBS -- Non-Intersectivity in Manner Adjectives -- Converging Evidences on the Eventivity of Italian Nouns -- Diachrony of Stative Dimensional Verbs in French -- SEMANTIC FIELDS -- Linguistic Realizations of the Concept of FEAR -- Metonymic Euphemisms from a Cognitive Linguistic Point of View -- CONCEPTS IN PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHIATRY -- Philosophical Conceptual Analysis as an Experimental Method -- Analyzing Concepts in Action-Frames -- Applying Frame Theory to Psychiatric ClassiVcation