Modernizing Enterprise CMS Using Pimcore

Discover techniques and best practices for creating custom websites with rich digital experiences
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A practical guide to developing, administering, and scaling content management solutions in your organization for supporting digital transformation using Pimcore

Key Features

* Kick-start your CMS career by preparing for Pimcore developer certifications
* Create custom websites with rich digital experience for your business users with the help of step-by-step examples
* Get to grips with Pimcore's enterprise features for product management and data management

Book Description

Used by over eighty thousand companies worldwide, Pimcore is the leading open source enterprise-level content management system (CMS) solution. It is an impressive alternative to conventional CMS, and is ideal for creating e-commerce and complex enterprise websites.

The book helps developers working with standard CMS such as WordPress and Drupal to use their knowledge of CMS to learn Pimcore CMS in a practical way. You'll start by learning what Pimcore is and explore its various services such as PIM, MDM, and DAM. The book then shows you various techniques for developing custom websites in Pimcore based on the scale of your organization. You'll learn how to use Pimcore to improve the digital transformation of a company by implementing enterprise Pimcore features. As you advance, you'll discover Pimcore's capabilities and features that make it a faster and more secure alternative to traditional CMS. As well as demonstrating practical use cases, Modernizing Enterprise CMS Using Pimcore can help you understand the benefits of using Pimcore as a CMS solution, sharing best practices and proven techniques for designing professional Pimcore sites.

By the end of this book, you'll be a trained Pimcore developer, able to create complex websites, and be well-versed with Pimcore's enterprise features such as MDM, PIM, and DAM.

What you will learn

* Create, edit, and manage Pimcore documents for your web pages
* Manage web assets in Pimcore using the digital asset management (DAM) feature
* Discover how to create layouts, templates, and custom widgets for your web pages
* Administer third-party addons for your Pimcore site using admin UI
* Discover practices to use Pimcore as a product information management (PIM) system
* Explore Pimcore's master data management (MDM) for enterprise CMS development
* Build reusable website components and save time using effective tips and tricks

Who This Book Is For

This book is for web developers and CMS professionals looking for an alternative to WordPress and traditional CMS. Enterprise application developers looking for enterprise solutions for digital transformation will find this book useful. Beginner-level knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS is needed to understand the code examples used in the book.
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978-1-80107-540-4 (9781801075404)

Daniele Fontani is a CTO at Sintra Digital Business. He is an architect specialized in digital innovation and cloud transformation. Daniele is particularly focused on Agile development and open source projects. Marco Guiducci is a senior Pimcore Developer at Sintra Digital Business. Franscesco Mina is a software engineer and team leader at Sintra Digital Business.

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