Convective Burning and Low-Velocity Detonation in Porous Media

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This book presents original research into the behaviour, ignition mechanisms, and wave structure of convective burning and low-velocity detonations (LVDs). Such processes occupy an intermediate position between modes of normal combustion and normal detonation, and their properties directly affect the dynamics of explosions, including unplanned explosions caused by accidental ignition. The book illustrates techniques to stabilize convective burning and LVDs and control their properties, thus enabling energetic materials specialists and ballistics experts to manage potentially dangerous hazards of transition to normal detonation. In addition, the book provides a scientific foundation for the technical application of these processes in pulse-nozzle and missile devices and in jet injectors. It also offers new studies on compacted modified propellants, which, due to their burning mechanisms, can significantly enhance the performance of barrel systems. Highlights of the book include: Original investigations into the behaviour and mechanisms of convective burning and low velocity detonation. New techniques to slow down convective burning and low-velocity detonation, stabilize them, and control their properties, particularly in transition to normal detonation. Applications for reducing risks of accidental ignition of energetic materials. Investigates compacted modified propellants to increase performance of guns, especially with a traveling charge. Designs for low-velocity detonation as a working model for pulse-nozzle and missile devices and to generate enhanced blast waves.
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978-1-60595-565-0 (9781605955650)

Partial Contents: Introduction, Convective Burning, Low-velocity Detonation, Compacted Modified Propellant Charges for Barrel Systems, Application of Compacted Modified Propellant Charges (CMPCs) as a Travelling Charge, Pulse Nozzle Setups with Convective Burning, Pulse Setups Operating in a Low-velocity Detonation Mode, Generation of Blast Waves by Non-ideal Detonation of High-density Compositions based on Ammonium Perchlorate and Enriched by Aluminum, Conclusion.

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