Development of Packaging and Products for Use in Microwave Ovens

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Development of Packaging and Products for Use in Microwave Ovens, Second Edition, supports the efficient design of microwaveable food products and packaging materials, explaining all essential aspects in a detailed and systematic way. This new edition reviews recent developments and the latest cutting-edge technology, including new materials and package formats, new ideas for product development, and new information on developments in microwave technology. Sections cover the effect of food dielectric properties and heating uniformity, microwave packaging materials, product development, food, packaging, oven safety, and the computer modelling of microwave products and active packaging.

Written by a distinguished team of international contributors, this book is not only a valuable resource for engineers, manufacturers and product developers in the food and packaging industries, but also a great research tool for industrial R&D and academia.

- Enables the reader to understand product and packaging materials for microwave ovens down to a highly technical and detailed level
- Offers systematic coverage on all aspects involved, including principles, materials, design, product development and modelling
- Includes the very latest developments in products and packaging, including smart packaging and solid state technology
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978-0-08-102713-4 (9780081027134)
Ulrich Erle is an expert for cooking technologies and food science at the Nestle Development Center in Solon/Ohio. During his assignments as project manager and senior scientific advisor he gained experience in the industrial application of microwaves in vacuum drying and sterilization processes. More recently, he concentrated on the performance of food products for household microwave ovens, including innovative packaging solutions. Ulrich is a member of the Board of Governors of the International Microwave Power Institute (IMPI) and also chaired the 50th IMPI Symposium in Orlando. He represents Nestle in the Center for Advanced Processing and Packaging Studies (CAPPS) and in the RF Energy Alliance. Peter Pesheck is currently Principal at Food Biophysics, LLC. In his 34-year R&D career at Pillsbury and General Mills he worked primarily in cross-business Strategic Technology groups, where he specialized in structure-function relationships, microscopy, modeling, microwave heating (food dielectric properties, simulation, product design and problem resolution), and wheat flour doughs and their structural transformations in proofing and baking. He has published 4 papers in reviewed journals and holds 19 U.S. patents. Matthew Lorence is currently a Packaging Technology Manager at Bellisio Foods, Inc. He is a leader in the field of packaging R&D for consumer and industrial products, and medical devices. He was previously Packaging Technology Manager at General Mills. He holds 13 U.S. patents and has extensive experience in identifying, developing, and commercializing convenient Total Product Offerings leveraging Open Innovation for new packaging and product technologies.
Part 1 - Principles 1. Electromagnetic basis of microwave heating 2. Influence of food geometry and dielectric properties on heating performance 3. Advanced topics in microwave heating uniformity - Theory and Experimental Methods 4. Microwave ovens 5. Measurements of dielectric properties of food and associated materials 6. Microwave dielectric properties of food and some other substances

Part 2 - Microwave packaging materials and design 7. Passive microwave packaging forms 8. Susceptors in microwave packaging 9. Shielding and field modification - thick metal films

Part 3 - Product development, food, packaging and oven safety 10. Flavors and colors for microwave foods 11. Texture modifying ingredients for microwave foods 12. Package and product development testing in a microwave oven 13. Sensory Science for Microwaveable Products 14. Food Safety and Cooking Validation 15. The impact of Solid State Technology on product development 16. Regulatory issues in microwave packaging 17. Microwave oven safety

Part 4 - Modelling of microwave heating 18. Modelling of cavities and Loads with FDTD and FEM Methods 19. Space-discrete modelling of microwave susceptors 20. Problems in the modelling of magnetron-fed ovens 21. Special regimes for modelling ovens fed by solid-state sources

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