Electricity And Magnetism

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Electric force is responsible in forming matters with all it's states, solid, liquid, and gas, Also magnetic forces exist in nature by the attraction of magenta and iron. Electricity word comes from electron and magnetism word comes from Magnesia. specially the force between internal molecules and atoms. This book covers the electricity by a simple way, in the first chapter, the charges types, electric properties of matters, and electric force will be studied, chapter two covers electric field for charges concentrated in a point and charges distributed uniformly over different surfaces, chapter three deals with Gauss's law to find electric field, chapter four covers electric potential, chapter five studies capacitance, chapter six covers electric current and resistance, chapter seven studies direct current circuit. Chapter eight and nine covers magnetism and it's laws specially magnetic force, magnetic flux, and electromotive force, chapter eleven studies the inductance of coils, chapter twelve studies the alternating current circuit.
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978-620-0-06941-2 (9786200069412)
I work at the Islamic University of Gaza as Associate Professor of Physics, I teach both General and specialized courses in physics

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